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25 June 2016

Pamper Therapy Makeup Sponge

DISCLAIMER: I was sent this product by Pamper Therapy free of charge for review purposes.
This does not affect my opinion in any way. To find out more, you can view my disclaimer page.

One makeup product that has become a staple in my routine is a good old makeup sponge. I've been using the Real Tecnhiques Sponge for the longest time now and it does the job that I need. However I'm not aware of any other makeup sponges on the market and Pamper Therapy sent me their makeup sponge to try out for a video and post.

When I first got the sponge, I was excited to see how gorgeous the packaging was. I appreciate things that have very pretty packaging and this product is no exception. I was also quite surprised at the shape and how rounded it is compared to my Real Techniques sponge. It also advertises that this can be used with any face product; primer, foundation, concealer, the possibilities are endless.

The sponge itself is rather big and has a very unique design. It's definitely been made with the face in mind, looking at the pointed end and flat base of the sponge.

Using this sponge has changed my makeup routine for the better. Although I knew how good makeup sponges are in general, this one is incredibly impressive. I used this damp (which I found out you're supposed to do a few days ago...whoops.) and applied my foundation with so much ease. Rather than rubbing in my foundation (which I do with my Real Techniques sponge), I dabbed it onto my face as per the instructions and the amount of coverage I got was insane. My flaws immediately vanished and there were no traces of any streaks or little marks that came from the sponge. Having a flat base and pointed end also really helped me to get into areas such as the eyes, the cheeks and the forehead so every single part of my face could have a flawless coverage.

After using this sponge, I am completely sold. I am glad that I know of another makeup sponge brand on the high street and I think I will definitely start using this rather than Real Techniques. Despite Pamper Therapy's sponge being a little bit more expensive than Real Techniques, I think you get what you pay for with this sponge. It adds more diversity and gives more options to use this product with. An even coverage is always guaranteed with this sponge and that's exactly what I look for in a makeup sponge. I will be definitely be supporting Pamper Therapy's further endeavours into the world of makeup with baited breath.

Have you tried Pamper Therapy's sponge?

You can buy the sponge on Amazon.
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23 June 2016

The Missing Sailor Senshi

On the last night of my stay at Bluestone, we went out for a meal and we got all dolled up, something which I absolutely adore doing. I knew I wanted to wear this amazing dress I reviewed a few weeks ago and style it for a post. Being a huge anime nerd and even bigger Sailor Moon nerd, this dress it the ultimate love letter to my favourite magical girl series. We were incredibly lucky to have fantastic weather throughout our stay, so I could proudly show this amazing dress of as it was meant to be seen. I paired it with my favourite sandals (which are sadly starting to break) and my blue tinted sunglasses to make for an epic homage to my favourite manga of all time.

Sunglasses: Coconut Lane
Shoes: Marks & Spencers
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21 June 2016

NYX Cosmetics Review/Haul

After everybody came at me with torches and pitchforks for my Fake Limecrime post and video, many suggested to me brands that I could try which were cruelty free and definitely real products. One of the ones that a lot of people recommended was NYX, which is a brand I haven't heard of until recently. It's just come to Boots in the UK and I decided that I would get some products to try out for myself.

The products themselves were quite reasonably priced, especially the lipsticks which is that everyone praised so highly. They're a little bit more expensive than MUA's lipsticks, but also cheaper than Jeffree Star's. I was very excited to see what the lipsticks were like, as well as the setting spray and the concealer I picked up.

First, I'll start with the main reason this whole haul came about - The Soft Matte Lip Cream. Lots of people love these lipsticks because they dry matte, but are so incredibly soft to the touch, you can't even tell. The shades I got were Milan, Sydney & Buenos Aires, which are three gorgeous shades. They are swatched above and feel so lovely to put on. I wore Milan to work the other day and it lasted a very long time. I ate a jacket potato and drunk many cups of tea and there was only a bit of lipstick that came off. I really like the idea of this being so soft and nourishing on my lips while giving a long lasting colour. I haven't tried the other two as of yet, but I am very excited to and I think I will definitely get some more shades.

Next, I picked up the Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray. I usually go for MUA's setting spray which I like, but my usual setting spray was out of stock in Superdrug when I last went, leading me to get MUA's matte finish spray. And I do not like it. At all. The spray is rubbish, it's like using a jet on my face. So, I picked this one from NYX up and I think I may switch over to this from. I have tested this and I love it. It's so easy to use and sprays on very well. It keeps my makeup on a lot longer than MUA's and I'm really pleased with it.

Finally, I picked up the Colour Correcting Concealer Palette. I haven't had a green tinted concealer in a while and I desperately needed one for the redness in my skin. After seeing this, I decided to give it a go, since it offered lots of different tones and a chance for me to experiment with contouring. I really like the concealers in this palette, they give great coverage, but not enough to show through any foundation or other makeup. I'm still getting to grips with what the other concealers do hence why I've only used the green one so far, but I will definitely try them out in my makeup routine.

I'm very impressed with my NYX products and I will definitely go back and get more! They are a bit more expensive than my usual products, but I think they are worth it in terms of quality. I especially love my concealer palette, which will become a part of my makeup routine for sure.

Have you tried any NYX products?
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