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23 September 2016

LUSH Cosmetics Oatifix Face Mask Review

It's pretty obvious how much my love for Lush Cosmetics has grown since I first discovered it. Their skincare range is one that I love going back to and through their recycling scheme, I got myself a free fresh face mask. This time, I tackled a mask that not everybody seems to love, which is Oatifix.

The minute I smelt this mask, I knew this was going to be a winner for me. I love things that smell of oats. I eat oats for breakfast every morning. There was a time in my life where I would only snack on oat cookies. I frigging love oats. So naturally, having a mask that smelt like fresh oaty goodness had to come home with me that day. This mask is a blend of some of my favourite foods; bananas, vanilla and of course oats! It also had ground almonds and kaolin to help cleanse and cool the skin.

The only bad thing I have to say about this mask is the texture makes it quite difficult to get all over my face. other masks I've tried are really easy to rub in, while this one was a struggle. I had to really massage it with my fingers to get a good consistency before applying, and even then, some bits were still falling off and getting clumped. I imagine that if I massage it for long enough, this won't be a problem in the future.

Here's a very glamourous photo of me with the mask on! After leaving it on for about 20 minutes and rinsing it off, I immediately saw a difference in my skin. I tend to get quite red skin from time to time, especially when I have a bad bout of acne and this mask managed to take most of that away. It felt my skin feeling so soft and even better, smelling of porridge! I think a lot of people don't like this mask because of the smell, but for me, it may become my favourite one. Although this is from the girl who swears by Cosmetic Warrior and the smell of that is horrendous. I would rather smell of porridge than garlic any day of the week!

Have you tried Oatifix?
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16 September 2016

LimeCrime Velvetine Swatches | Alien, Teacup & Zenon

EDIT: It was only after I did some research on the Velvetines in more detail, that I found out Alien & Teacup are reactive under UV light. This might explain the lack of pigmentation and the need for more coats. If I ever get a chance to test them under UV light, I will update this post with photos accordingly!

ANOTHER EDIT: These LimeCrime lipsticks are fake. The seller I bought them from said they were 100% genuine, but alas, after much concern from you lovely lot, they are infact fake! The one time I chose to buy real lipstick and it ends up being fake, how flipping typical! I have since gotten a full refund for this lipstick and will not be using again. Many thanks to everyone who commented! <3

No, this isn't another fake makeup review. Yes, you read the title right too. I have gone and bought real LimeCrime Velvetines from a UK seller to review. So, since I was so against LimeCrime for many years, why have I changed my mind?

First of all, some background. I have always heard about LimeCrime being shrouded in controversy, such as re-packaging claims, the hacking scandal, their Velvetine line being toxic, the CEO being a nasty piece of work, I could go on. I was affected by the hacking scandal as Morgan bought me one of their lipsticks as a Christmas present and got some money stolen. After, that I stopped supporting them. I found alternative brands and I even tried fake LimeCrime products, which didn't go down too well with a lot of people. After a lot of thinking, I've decided to give them another chance, and picked up three colours to play around with.

When I had a browse of the latest shades they had on offer, three caught my eye; Zenon, Alien & Teacup. I was initially hoping for some shades from their Livin' On A Prairie collection but I couldn't find a UK stockist. I was initially quite nervous and excited to get these and when they arrived, they were very well packaged. As for the swatches...well...

I am disappointed in the pigmentation of these. It's not enough to use with one coat alone, and these are all shades that need to be built up. Despite that, that's the only problem I have with them, as the shades themselves are gorgeous. Teacup is a lovely periwinkle blue and it's a cool-toned blue which looks so pretty. Alien is a very pastel shade of green, but it's not a neon colour like you would expect it to be; it's more subtle. With Zenon however, it's literally liked melted gold. I can imagine using this shade to use on top of other colours to give a real punch; Jeffree Star's Queen Bee would look beautiful paired with this (you can see swatches of it in my blog post here).

Despite the nagging pigmentation issue, with some work, I can definitely rock these shades. I absolutely love them, but I'm not sure if I would buy them again. I may look into darker shades that they release in the future, but since the UK sellers are quite few and far in between, I'll have to see if I can bide my time a little. I certainly don't regret getting them though; maybe I'll buy more LimeCrime in the future...who knows?

Have you bought any LimeCrime products?
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13 September 2016

My First Hobbycraft Haul

Since I have been getting back into doing art for funsies, I wanted to get myself some new art supplies and replace some of mine that were getting a bit old and very worn. I popped up to Swansea on an impromptu drive to Hobbycraft, to check out what they had. The minute I stepped in, I was in heaven. There was literally so much there, I was rather temped to buy the whole store. But I reserved myself and picked up some little arty bits and bobs.

First off, I picked up some Simply Soft Pastels to help replace the old manky ones I've had for ages. There are twelve gorgeous shades and I honestly don't do much with pastels, but I like how they show up on paper. I've been using them for a lot of background pages on my art journal, but I really want to try actually making a good drawing with them. They can get quite messy, but getting messy is always a part of making art, right?

Next, I picked up the shiniest watercolour palette ever. LOOK AT HOW SHINY IT IS! This Pearlescent Watercolour Palette immediately grabbed my attention and was an absolute steal at £5. It comes with 24 beautiful colours and a little brush too. I love using watercolours for art, but I've only ever experimented with watercolour pencils. I decided to give a palette some love and I'm very excited to see what I can do with this set.

Relating to my watercolour purchase, I got myself a Fine Tip Waterbrush to pair alongside it. I have been lusting after one of these for a very long time, since they are incredibly useful. I got the fine tip one so I could really make small details in any watercolour art I do, and I think I will go back and get the other two pens to add to my collection. It's going to be a lot of fun trying this out!

Next, I picked up these Foam Brushes. At such a bagrain for three for £1, i couldn't possibly leave them. I don't have any sponges in my art box, and the ones that my mother keeps downstairs are all mangled and very much worn. I wanted to be able to dabble with some sponges to create some nice effects in my art journal and getting three for such a great bargain was perfect. I like that they're on a stick too, which means slightly less mess that normal. Yipee!

Finally, I threw in some Silver Glitter into my purchase. I thought about whether to get glitter glue or just glitter by itself and I went with the latter. I'm not sure if this will make things messier and cover everything in my room in glitter, but we'll have to see when I actually bust this out. Who doesn't love glitter? Certainly not me. I want to give my art journal a little bit of sparkle and some lovely silver glitter seemed like the perfect addition. I can see myself sprinkling this on wet paint to give it a pretty, shiny finish.

Have you ever been/bought from Hobbycraft?
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