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30 August 2016

Braving The Blonde

So, if you're not already aware, my hair colour's changed again...and it's blonde! Yeah, blonde. A colour I never ever thought I would go for more than a few days.

Lots of you know that I like to experiment with my hair colour. I've pretty much been every single colour of the rainbow and right now, I'm at the point where I don't know what to do with it. I decided initially to dye it lilac again, the go silver, then I chickened out on that front. And now, my hair is blonde!

I got my roots done a few days ago (thank you mum!) and I am totally embracing being a blonde. I never thought the colour would suit me, but many friends, family & subscribers have told me otherwise. The only person who objects to it is my nan, but she's never liked any colour I've done.

As you can see in some photos, it's still quite a patchy job, as there's some darker bits of blonde running through my hair. I will be eventually touching up on them as time goes on, but for that, they're not that noticeable at first glance (I hope...)

As I've got some job interviews coming up in the next few weeks and I'm incredibly indecisive about what my next colour will be, I've decided to embrace being blonde until I figure out what to do next. Being blonde also gives me a chance to play around in Photoshop previewing hair colours, which will be oodles and oodles of fun.

Is there a hair colour you think you'd never suit?
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23 August 2016

Skin Deep: Improvements All Round

Since starting this series back in December last year, I feel like I've come a very long way with my Dermatillomania. I've been able to find ways of cutting down on my picking, while helping others who are battling it too. It's been a very interesting learning curve to say the least.

In one of my earlier posts, The Power of Nail Polish, I talked about how painting my nails actually helped me to stop picking. And since that post, I didn't make an effort to wear it so much resulting in very bad derma scars. I have however managed to budge myself back into painting my nails and they are a lovely pink and purple which Morgan chose for me. So far, it's working a treat!

I did come across a little road block however, with my left pinky finger. You can see in the comparison photos that I did the silly thing of deforming the nail's growth again. Yay, odd nail growth!!! Obviously me being me and having no self control at that point, you can see the damage done, although it could have been a lot worse. I have since fixed it by filing it down and trying not to pick at it, and you can see that it's looking a lot better now.

It's also been just over a month since I started using my No7 Cleansing Brush and the difference in my skin is astonishing. It feels smoother, and a lot cleaner too. Makeup goes on and off easier, while I really feel like my face is getting the deepest clean possible every single morning. It's even reduced the amount of acne I've been getting on my chin too. I still get bad spots now and then, but they are nowhere near as bad as they were before. They're a lot more manageable, and I definitely owe it to my magical brush.

Because I've been scrubbing and washing my hands a lot more, resisting the urge to pick is even more difficult. More dead skin keeps appearing now that I take care of my fingers a lot more, and you'll see in the photos below that there's a lot o dead skin on my right hand. It's very annoying that so much dead skin is caught on there, but I guess it just means that I'll be scrubbing and washing more, which isn't really that bad I suppose...my hands will be squeaky clean! I'm hoping that with some perseverance, my hands will look good for when I have job interviews (I have one on September 2nd...eep!).

That's all for today, I feel bad that it's so short! Pictures are below.

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20 August 2016

My Everyday Skincare Routine | August 2016

My skincare routine is something that is extremely important to me since I started developing problems. I have always had acne prone skin and it gets incredibly dry from time to time and I always struggle to find time to get a routine together that combats all of those things. My last skincare routine video was done a long time ago and since then I've updated it with new products and new methods. I am still trying to find my feet with skincare and I am still trying to see what exactly works for me, so this may be thrown out in the near future. For now however, this is what I do!

First thing I do when I get up is I wash my face. My face has a nasty habit of getting very oily overnight, particularly on my nose, so if I leave my face as it is, I feel so dirty. I currently use The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish. When I went to Centerparcs last year, I had a face treatment scheduled for my acne but the person carrying out my treatment said that my face was so dry, she did a vitamin c treatment instead. Since then, this is my go to facial wash and it has made such a difference to my skin. It feels so much softer and gentle to touch. This scrub is also very gentle on my skin and smells so yummy! To help apply it, I use the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush and this has become my favourite product in the world. I've always wanted a cleansing brush, but the ones I wanted were over priced. This one only cost me £15 (I got it on offer) and has helped clear my skin in ways I never thought possible.

Next, I dry my face with a towel and move on to cleansing my face. I never used to be fussy on cleansers in recent years, but when I was in school, I used Superdrug Simply Pure Calming Cleanser. Being inspired, I recently went back to using it and I remembered why I used it so much in school. As well as being cruelty free, this is so good for my skin and helps to get rid of any excess water or scrub off my face without being too harsh. To help with this, I use a cotton wool pad.

This next step is a new addition to my routine, I then go on to use Dr Organic Rose Otto Skin Toner. I bought this in a half price sale and I had heard EllieJayden recommend it on her channel, so I decided to give it a go. This stuff smells amazing and it feels so lovely on my skin. I have never really seen the point in using toners, but they help to reduce pores and nourish the skin. With my dry skin, any kind of nourishment is good for me!

After my face has dried and the toner has sunk in, I then use Dr Organic Snail Gel all over my face. This was also another product that EllieJayden recommended and I absolutely adore this. This helps my skin with hydration so much and I can tell that my skin is so much better after using this. Despite being called snail gel, it smells very pleasant and works wonders for me. It also helps with my Dermatillomania scars on my fingers, as it gives them moisture and helps them heal faster.

Next, I moisturise using the Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Moisture Cream. Not only does this have an SPF of 15 to help combat the sun, it was only £2.99! The previous moisturiser I was using was the Vanishing Cream from Lush, which costed me £18.95 for a tiny little tub. Granted, it was very good, but it's not in my budget. This does the job for a much cheaper price and it feels so lovely on my face. It really helps perk my skin up.

I finish off my face by using the Superdrug Tea Tree Spot Stick. Spots are something I will probably never be able to get rid of very easily on my face, but I find that this product really helps to clear then up, providing I use it on a daily basis. Tea tree helps to combat acne and reduce redness in skin, which helps me out when I'm going through a really bad time on my face.

I move on to my hands and use another miracle product, the Lush Cosmetics Salted Coconut Hand Scrub. I have already gone on and on about how much I love this product but can you blame me? My fingers are my worst area for picking and this scrub is tough enough to get rid of dead skin and soften any rough areas I have while being gentle and smelling gorgeous. I haven't been using this as much as I should lately, but when I do use it, I can definitely see a difference in how my hands look. I even bought a smaller tub for when I'm on the go so I can tend to my hands at all times.

After I scrub my hands, I give them a quick little wash with some soap and then move onto some hand gel. The one I use currently is The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cleanse Gel. Since I've been paying more attention to my Dermatillomania, I've been making sure to use hand gels on a regular basis. I love The Body Shop's hand gels and they have such a lovely smell to them. They help to keep my hands clean and my scars healing as they should.

And to finish off, I then tend to my back and get out my Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Back Spray. This stuff has saved my back from horrible, painful spots many times and I will continue to use this until I drop dead. Suffering with dermatillomania on my back meant that spots on my back were an absolute nightmare. Now that I use this twice to three times a day, they hardly ever appear. I love this stuff so much, I would marry it if I could.

What products do you use for your skincare routine?
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