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Mental Health Awareness Week | My Relationships

As this week has been Mental Health Awareness week, it's a very important week for a lot of people. Suffering with Anxiety and Dermatillomania has brought a lot of pressure on me, but has also allowed me to seek help for my problems. One thing that my mental health has affected is my relationships with the people closest to me and I wanted to talk about them in depth.

My Parents & Sister

As they've been around my whole life, they know my problems better than anyone. It was a learning curve for them as well as me when I was first diagnosed with Anxiety. My parents always had an inkling that I had suffered with anxiety and have been incredibly supportive. When I told them I was getting put on medication for my panic attacks, they were initially a bit weary since they knew my anxiety was a "mild" form (mild form my arse), but they've seen how much it has helped me. They know that things can get too much for me sometimes and make sure they do everything they can to make me feel as comfortable as possible. Georgia is also just as supportive, knowing about my problems and being there as a helping hand.

My Boyfriend, Morgan

As well as my parents learning about my mental health with me, Morgan did too. I've been with Morgan for 4 and a half years and he has definitely put all of my fears of being alone to rest. He's been with me for a huge amount of panic attacks I've had and been thrown in the deep end several times. He knows when my mental health takes a dip and even though it's difficult, he gives me a shoulder to cry on and helps me to get through it. He knows my problems better than anyone and does so much for me to make things as comfortable as possible. Our relationship is a lot stronger because of the care and support he gives me, even when there's rough patches.

My Close Friends

Throughout my life, I have friends old and new who all know about my problems. There are many of my friends who also suffer with mental health issues, so they already know how much of a battle it is. There were times during my education where I lashed out at my friends and I would be having panic attacks on a daily basis. A lot of them just avoided me (with good reason!) but there were a special few who stuck by me through it. They've all helped me through some very dark times, and my new friends are incredibly understanding. I couldn't ask for better people to surround myself with.

My Extended Family

My extended family are absolute nutters. And I mean that in the most loving way possible. Not a lot of my extended family know about my mental health and some are too young to fully understand it. Despite this, they're very supportive even if my habits are very unusual. My nan always scolds me when I pick at my fingers and my youngest cousin started to pick his fingers for a little while because he watched me do it. Thankfully, he doesn't anymore, but it really gets me thinking the influence my mental health has. One of my cousins has also developed Dermatillomania in the past few months and finds that reading my Skin Deep series is helping her (Hello Ellie if you're reading!) Despite mental health not being quite prevalent with my extended family, we're all very caring towards the subject.

My Colleagues

Being in a workplace with mental health issues is something I've always been worried about. I was working in a cinema job when I was first diagnosed with Anxiety and they weren't as understanding and supportive as they could have been. There was one point where I hated the job so much, I would cry everytime I had to go to work. The job I was in definitely played a part in making my anxiety worse, but the other jobs I've been in have thankfully been more positive. My current job is lovely and honestly, I haven't really told them about my mental health issues because I'm in a good place right now (yes I know, I probably should have), but when it comes time to come off my medication, they will have to know. All the people I have worked for have been very kind and understanding of my mental health issues and I'm thankful that they have been.

Having mental health issues can definitely hinder some relationships, but if understood and researched, it can make them much stronger. My relationships with the important people in my life have definitely been a shining example of that.
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My Favourite Childhood Books

In an effort to get more writing stuff on my blog, I thought I'd talk about some of my favourite books I read as a child. These books were a big part of the reason I became so invested in creating stories and they hold very special places in my heart for lots of different reasons. Even after re-reading them after so many years, they still managed to hold up very well for me.

The Hobbit

Image from the LOTR Wikia

One of the staple series in our household is The Lord of the Rings. We have all of the films in the original trilogy (extended edition!) and all the books in the universe. This was how most people were first introduced to the series, and I was no exception. It was a very quick read and I remember getting through it in a matter of days. Don't let that sway you though; Tolkien is a master in storytelling and creates this beautiful world that absorbs your attention entirely. He did such a great job, I used to have nightmares about Smaug living under my bed and eating me. One of my favourite scenes in the book is the riddles in the dark, which is so brilliantly written and such a positive highlight from the rest of the book. The Hobbit film trilogy that was released managed to bring this to life in a beautiful way, despite my initial grumbles of it being stretched out into three films.

Artemis Fowl

Image from goldsborobooks.com

While children around the world were being drawn in by Harry Potter (which I have read and enjoyed!), I had Artemis Fowl...the complete opposite. A friend in primary school had the book and I was very curious about it. My parents then bought me the first book for Christmas and I fell in love after the first few pages. Artemis Fowl is a criminal mastermind (who is 12 if I might add!) and kidnaps a fairy for her gold. This spirals a series of events that spawned eight books and a very big crush on Artemis. I even met one of my ex-boyfriends through our mutual love of Artemis Fowl, it was amazing. Despite my quarrels about how the series ended, I adore these novels and Eoin Colfer's work is so much fun to read.

Johnny & The Dead

I could very happily put every single book Terry Pratchett has read on this list, but I chose this one in particular for it being my favourite. Pratchett wrote the Discworld series, which I absolutely adore as well as a number of stand alone books, with Johnny and The Dead being one my parents got me one Christmas. The story follows Johnny Maxwell as he finds that he can talk to ghosts and they band together to save the cemetery that they live in. I loved this book when I was younger and was one I always went back to very fondly.

The Saga of Darren Shan

My friend Louis is responsible for inrtoducing me to this series, and it wasn't something I'd normally go for. But my curiosity lead me to read the first book and I was hooked. The saga follows Darren Shan as he becomes a vampire after stealing a dancing spider called Madam Octa (yes, really). It spawns twelve books and is surprisingly dark given the audience it's aimed for. I definitely need to revisit this series again and is probably the only vampire books I actually enjoy reading. It is also worth noting that the actor who played Darren Shan in the film adaption shares my birthday.

Those were some of my favourite childhood books. What are some of yours?
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AliExpress Fake Limecrime Velvetines

DISCLAIMER: I have not supported Limecrime since their hacking scandal back in 2014. These lipsticks are knock-offs and not made by Limecrime directly. Please keep that in mind when you read the review.

Since becoming more in tune with makeup, I have heard of the website AliExpress. They are an wholesale store where you can buy pretty much anything your heart desires for insanely cheap prices. After doing some reading on their website, I decided to give their website a go and purchase some lipstick. Now, once upon a time, I did a review of Limecrime's Velvetine lipsticks, which are liquid to matte lippies. I really liked them, but after Morgan got affected by the hacking scandal and the shadiness of the business in general, I stopped supporting them. But one of the problems I found myself facing was that other brands I started to buy didn't offer certain shades that Limecrime did. Cue a search on the web, leading me to AliExpress.

Images from Amazon

There were three shades I knew I wanted, but ended up getting six. The shades I wanted were Pumpkin, Squash & Peacock. I couldn't get Peacock individually, which resulted in me getting it as part of a special edition set, and I also snapped up Bleached as I liked the colour. I had my eye on Pumpkin, Squash & Peacock in particular, as I'd struggled to find any shades of matte lipstick like them. I also thought they'd be great for cosplay and makeup looks.

I ordered these lipsticks on the 19th April, with the first three shipping on the 22nd April, and the last three shipping on the 20th April. As well as being very cheap, the sellers offered free shipping too, which was a plus considering they were coming overseas. On the 9th May, my first three lippies arrived, with the remainder arriving the day after. Overall, it took just over 4 weeks to get to me, which I consider quite reasonable.

For my first order, I was very impressed with the packaging. I stopped supporting Limecrime before these colours got released to the public, but I think that the packaging is brilliant considering they are knock offs. You may notice that the Pumpkin velvetine box is ripped slightly, but that was me trying to get it open.

HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THESE. These lipsticks are special edition ones, which came in the most adorable packaging and really stand out being blue as opposed to the standard red packaging. For ones that are special edition knock-offs, I am very impressed.

Here is what they all look like out of their packaging. They are very good for knock offs and the special edition ones look gorgeous with the blue packaging.

For the swatches, I got to see how they compared to my real velvetine, which is Cashmere. I think you can tell that the formula isn't entirely 100% identical, but with some building up and layers, they will look great. I wore Bleached to work a few days after I bought it and its staying power was incredible. I drunk tea, ate cottage cheese, even gave Morgan a smooch with it and it didn't budge. I think the staying power of the fake is even better than the original!

Screencaps taken from my AliExpress video

Here's what they look like on me. I absolutely adore them, especially the peacock shade. I think I am going to have lots of fun creating all kinds of makeup looks. Despite not really wanting Buffy & Beet It, I actually think they're really nice shades, beet It in particular. it's a gorgeous deep purple with red undertones, which isn't a shade I usually wear, but looks lovely. I'm also loving Pumpkin and Squash and I'm excited to use them with my Drug Lord lipstick from Jeffree Star to create lots of fantastic combinations.

I will definitely be using AliExpress again for more lipsticks. Despite being fakes, the quality is even better than the originals and I can finally get the shades I want without actually supporting the shady brand.

Limited Edition Bundle Seller
Pumpkin, Squash & Bleached Seller
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