Abergavenny Food Festival 2014

On the 20th September 2014, myself, my boyfriend and my sister traveled up to the Abergavenny Food Festival for a day of delicious, weird and wonderful food. This was our first time attending the event and while there, we met up with our parents who had been last year so they could take us around.

My first impression of the festival is that there is so much to see. The entire town was kitted out with stalls filled with food, drink and paintings galore. We managed to get around most of the stalls with the exception of the indoor market area, which was packed with people. However, there was a downside to this, and that was that there was so much to do, you can’t get around everything in one day, so I would recommend going for the two days, which is what my parents like to do to get the most out of the festival.

There were lots and lots of stalls offering food and drink that looked incredibly appetizing. I loved the freedom of going around and asking for samples of the various food that was on offer. One of my favourite stalls in particular was The Real Boar Company, who produce an absolute gem, wild boar salami. My dad brought this home last year and I fell in love with it instantly. The flavouring was very unique and unlike anything I’ve tasted before. I knew I had to get some when I came here and although it did take us a while to find it, it was worth the search. Me and my dad both paid for a pack of four meats, which included three wild boar salamis and some wild boar chorizo, which was also very nice! I used some of the salami with my mother’s chilli bolognaise, which gave it a kick of wild boar flavour.

For lunch, I discovered the joys of duck burgers. I absolutely love duck, it’s one of my favourite meats, and I also have a soft spot for burgers, so combining the two was a match made in heaven! My sister had duck sausages which she really enjoyed and my duck burger was very tasty and filled me up for the rest of the day, which wasn’t ideal for a food festival, but I didn’t mind too much!

I also fell in love with The Chocolate Brownie Company, who make the richest and tastiest brownies I’ve ever eaten! They had a wide variety of different brownie type such as oreo brownies, white chocolate chips, salted caramel and many more. I got a box of 6 which only cost me £3 and they were delicious! I particularly enjoyed the salted caramel brownie, which I found very odd as I hate caramel.

There were lots and lots of cheese stalls around the festival in all the different areas, but the Blaenafon Cheddar Company caught my eye in particular, with their Oak Smoked Pwll Mawr cheese. I never realised how much I wanted oak smoked cheese until the day of the festival. There were a lot of different cheese I tried during the day, but the Pwll Mawr was the one that won me over, with it’s smoky flavouring and creamy texture. I bought some to take home, which cost me £4.50 for one block and I am trying so hard not to just gobble it all up at once! 

So overall, my first experience at the Abergavenny Food Festival was a brilliant one! It was great being surrounded by lots of food that I had never tried before and even found some firm favourites that I will re-purchase again! If you live in the area, I highly recommend it for a day out filled with lots of yummy food!

Watch my short (and very shaky!) vlog below!

Have you been to the food festival?


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