DIY Minecraft Diamond Sword

If you have been keeping up with my cosplay antics recently, you will know that I will be showcasing a “Mad Queen Ryan” cosplay at Cardiff Comic Con this weekend (click here to see my YouTube video about it!) For this cosplay, I have a diamond sword (which is actually wood but who gives a monkeys) which was modified from a toy wooden sword that my boyfriend very kindly gave to me. In this blog post, I am going to show you the transformation process from wooden toy sword to badass diamond sword.
diammd_sordThis is the reference picture I used for creating my diamond sword. I wanted to make sure that it was as close to the original sword as possible, but I did make some slight modifications so it would appear more realistic.
So, onto the DIY! First of all, I removed all the string that was woven around the top. I wanted to replace this with a wooden handle so it would be easier to hold. I got my dad to help me take it off as some parts were tougher to cut off than others.
Afterwards, my dad recommended going over the wood with sandpaper to smooth the wood down for painting and to see if it would get any of the grey/blue paint off. I did this twice and not much paint came off, but it felt a lot smoother than before.
Then came the fun part! The painting! For the paint, I used a random box of undercoat white paint that we had in our cupboard under the stairs and gave it two coats. I was very surprised that the paint took so well to the sword and I was expecting to paint it about four or five times. Luckily, two coats was enough and I was left with a base for the main colours.
Once the sword was white, I popped up to my local B&Q to get some more paint. My dad told me that you can get tiny little tester pots of paint for 99p, so I went to see what colours I could find. I was aiming for a very bright blue, a dark turquoise (like my previous hair colour) and then a brown for the handle. I found these three colours no problem and they costed £1.10 each.
I started with painting the blade with the bright blue to see how it looked. And it was perfect! I gave the blade about 4 coats and was left with the diamond sword finally starting to come together. The next day, I went over the handle with the brown paint, going over it with four coats also and I used the dark blue paint to paint the very top. Once the paint over the top had dried, it wasn’t as green-tinted as I would have liked it to be, so I did a little experimenting and mixed the blue paint with green acryllic paint, which worked much better!

Next, I had to turn to the hardest part of the sword; the handle. On the original sword, it was just string and I wanted to make a wooden handle so it would look great, but neither me or my dad could figure out a reasonably simple way to make one. After our discussion, we popped down to our local woodcraft shop to buy some suitable wood. We purchased a very long piece of wood with curved ends for £1.95.
My dad chopped some parts off to compare to the sword itself and we found that using wood wasn’t going to work. The wood would have looked bland compared to the rest of the sword and in the end, we decided to use the rope that came with the sword originally. My dad commented on how the rope made the sword look more authentic and gave it an interesting texture. I grabbed it and painted it turquoise to match the top of the sword. I surprisingly found that it only took one coat to paint the rope completely and it matched the sword perfectly.
After the rope was painted, I went and put some varnish over the blade to give it a more polished look. I then went and added the handle to the sword and secured it in place with some super glue.



So this is the final result. Overall, it took me about a month and a half to complete and I am very happy with it! This sword is perfect for my cosplay and many other ideas I have in store for it. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I will have another blog post about my cosplay up very soon!

Have you tried making your own minecraft sword?


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