Dresslink Review/Haul

Despite doing monthly favourites, I haven’t done a separate haul that I can show you, but today is the day. I am going to be showing you some items I purchased from a company called Dresslink.

Dresslink had been blowing up buckets on the fashion blogger radar recently, with their too-good-to-be-true clothing at incredibly cheap prices (cheaper than Primark, I dare say!) This chinese company offers high quality asian style clothing for very affordable prices, which some might say is the first sign of a scam. But a quick YouTube search will tell you otherwise!

To give you some idea of how long you have to wait for your order, have a look below. This was for a UK based destination and I chose the postage option that gave me a tracking number just incase any of my items got lost. As of writing this blog post, I have not been charged customs either, which was a bit of a shock for me! But that may change and I will update if it happens. They also might send your orders out separately, which was what happened to me. They sent out one of my dresses in a different parcel and they do this to get your items to you quicker, although both of mine arrived on due time anyway. Everything that I have purchased from this website is from their top rated section and they have also been clothing that I have seen other YouTubers review, so keep that in mind if you want to get something from there.

Date Ordered: 2nd November 2014

Date Dispatched: 4th November 2014

Date Arrived: 17th November 2014

Total Waiting Time: 11 working days

Blue Eyes Cat Print Dress
The first item I ordered was by far the one I was the most excited for. You guys know how much I love cats, so this dress was an unavoidable purchase! The material of this dress is quite thin but also very stretchy too. This dress is a great fit on me and the length is very good too. Considering I am 5″1, this dress looks very stylish on me and it’s not too long either. I was very surprised that something this good quality could be bought so cheaply! I will style this with some leggings and a blazer that would be black to help give the cat eyes a pop of lovely colour. This will be a must for my next adventure out!

Batwing Retro Print Dress

I feel like I should have brought this dress back in the summer, but oh well! This was a dress that I saw Tessar Goad model on her Dresslink haul and the colour scheme and style of this dress really caught my eye. The material of this is very thin, hence the dress working better in the summer, but I would like to lounge around the house in this too. The dress also came with a small piece of material to tie around the waist with and I will probably use a proper belt when I wear this, as I found the material was quite flimsy. For a batwing style, this gives me a great figure and a even greater fit!

Lady Lapel Long Sleeve Shirt Top


I am pleasantly surprised with this top. Despite the material being quite thin and the front of the top slightly see-through, it is fast becoming one of my favourite tops. The colours compliment my hair really well and gives the top an embroided look to it. There is also a zip featured on the back for easy dressing and a lovely pair of cufflinks on the sleeves. I can see myself pairing these with a nice pair of dark jeans and some lovely shoes for a night out somewhere. Despite the top being slightly seethrough, this is easily solved by wearing a top underneath.

Geometric Patterned Pullover


I am loving big comfy jumpers at the moment. Since Christmas is coming up, it gives me the chance to completely indulge in warm snuggly jumpers, and this is one that I am more than happy to add to my collection. I love the design of this, especially the rounded bottom of the jumper, it’s unlike anything I’ve owned before. There are many different colours of this jumper available, but I went for the white one as I love the contrast between the black. This jumper also comes in one size only, but it fits me very well.

Galaxy Print Bodycon Tank Dress


Another crazy dress to add to my collection! Galaxy print is becoming a favourite of mine since owning a pair of leggings with this pattern on. As soon as I saw this dress, it had to be mine. This is very similar to the cat dress in terms of sizing, length and design. The material isn’t as thick as the cat dress because of the galaxy print, but I think it’s out of this world! I would see myself wearing this to a party of sorts or just on a night out in general. This dress is most certainly going to turn some heads.

Black Tree Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This jumper is a very unique jumper! What drew me to this was the beautiful tree print and the burst of purples and blue behind it. I love how the colours all compliment each other and really stand out from your average jumper. This is a little bit too baggy for me as you can only purchase this in one size, but I am a fan of baggy jumpers so I don’t mind. The material on the inside is also very thin, so this isn’t ideal as a winter jumper, but I still love it!

Vintage Neon Canvas Backpack


I have seen this bag being sold in a UK shop called TKMaxx for £15. So imagine my surprise when I found it on Dresslink with £10 off! I’ve always wanted to have a bag like this because their storage is really decent and the neon design on this particular bag looks so cool. It has many hidden pockets placed everywhere on the bag, which is very useful for hiding valuables and I would have loved to have this bag for school or university! I imagine I would take this with me to an event such as Goodwood for example.

So, that was my review/haul of Dresslink! If you want some good quality clothing for really cheap prices, I highly recommend them! You may have to wait a while for your order and shipping is quite high, but for the amount you pay for clothing, it it so worth it. It is also worth being very careful when you place your order and double check the sizing options just to make sure everything will fit accordingly.

Have you ever bought from Dresslink?

Watch the video below!
Warning: Contains Armpit Hair



  1. Lisa Savell
    27th September 2017 / 7:13 am

    I purchased $110.00 worth of merchandise from them and then I receive an email asking me to send a copy of my ID and a copy of my credit card REALLY after they took my money or they wouldn’t send me my items
    TOTAL SCAM i won’t ever have anything nice to say about this RIPOFF company DRESSLINK

    • 27th September 2017 / 3:58 pm

      That sounds awful! I’m sorry you had a bad experience with them 😔 I haven’t shopped from them in a while mind so whether they’ve changed I don’t know! If they’re doing this then it’s safe to say I won’t be shopping with them again. Xxxx

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