Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment Review

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this product for such a long time and now, it is in my possession and I’m ready to share my thoughts on it. Today, I will be reviewing the ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment.


If you’ve been following my hair adventures, you’ll know that I fried the ends of my hair trying to get it red. I went overboard on the bleaching process and I rightfully paid the price. They felt gummy, stretched and disgusting when they were wet and they felt like a pile of straw when they were dry. I would like to mention at this point that this is the first significant hair damaged I have had in over 2 years of hair experimenting.


I took very careful care of my hair since the bleaching fiasco and one evening decided to shop around for any treatments that might help with my hair condition. I knew that my hair needed protein and while I had a protein filler that I applied every week, I felt I needed something stronger to restore my lovely locks. And this is where ApHogee comes in.

Everybody under the sun has praised this product for bringing life back to their hair and when I came across it, I just had to try it myself. I ordered it from Amazon and used some vouchers I had to cover the costs and it arrived quite quickly.


The first thing I noticed about this product was that it is huge. There is a lot of product here which will definitely last a very long time, especially at this treatment is advised to be used every 6 weeks. This brought a positive in the sense that you don’t need to use a lot of this so I can see this lasting me well over a year at least.

I washed my hair with shampoo beforehand to make sure my hair was free from any products. The mixture in the bottle is very runny, something I found quite surprising! I was expecting a very thick mixture to come out. Because of the runny mixture, it was quite difficult to apply it on to my hair and getting it on my skin was a nightmare as it stuck together after a while, so I would recommend using gloves to apply this. I thought about using a tint brush to apply the mixture on, but instead used my hands, as I felt I could evenly coat the mixture through the ends of my hair much better.

After that was done came the waiting game. I got my hairdryer and began to go over the covered hair. As this is a professional product, it is better to use a hooded dryer, but my old and battered hairdryer had to suffice. I blasted each side with heat for about 10 minutes, making my arm go very tired in the process. I gave it a quick rest for a few minutes and could already see my hair going rock solid. It’s advised not to touch your hair while it’s like this as it could halt the process (I even read stories about hair snapping off! Eek!), so I kept my fidgety hands occupied during this time. After I got feeling back into my arm, I blasted more heat onto it for another 10 minutes and then went to wash the mixture off.

I was incredibly nervous about how my hair would look and feel. I got worried that my hair might be even more damaged, or that my hair still looked as battered as it first did. But when the mixture started to wash off, I could instantly feel a difference. My hair no longer had a gummy texture when it was wet and it felt like my normal hair had come back. With this product, you are meant to use the conditioning treatment that comes with it, but I had read a lot of reviews saying that it wasn’t very good, so I just used my Tresemme Naturals conditioner and it was all nice and dandy.


This is what my hair looks like now when it’s dried. You probably can’t see a big difference, but you can certainly feel it. My hair hasn’t felt this good in quite a few months. The ends are still a tiny bit dry, but it’s nowhere near as noticeable as before. I can’t stop stroking my hair because it feels so soft and it’s such a huge contrast to the dead straw-like hair I had before.

So, my overall opinion of this product is that it is an absolute lifesaver. If your hair is damaged like mine and you know that it needs protein, get a bottle of this stuff. It will save you having to have damaged hair chopped off and will restore your lovely locks. I would use this on the side of caution as it is advised for professional use only, but I had no major problems applying this. If you want to see my actually putting this product onto my head, you can watch the video below to get a feel of what using this product is like.

Have you tried the ApHogee Protein Treatment?

Watch the demonstration below!


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