Low Sugar Lifestyle | Week One

If you’ve watched my New Year’s Resolutions video, you’ll know that I briefly mentioned that I would be cutting out sugar from my lifestyle. My main reason for this is because I get a lot of stomach cramps and side pain from eating anything with lots of sugar in it. I wanted to be able to eat food without being in agony a few hours later. I have also been reading about the effects of sugar in our diet, thanks to a book that my dad recommended called The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie. So before I talk about how I got on, I should mention a little bit about sugar consumption…

So, why is sugar bad?

We all know that sugar is a bad thing. At least, we’re starting to realise how true that is. We were told years ago that fat was making us fat, when actually, it’s sugar that makes us fat, according to new research. If you cut sugar out of your diet, you will be fitter, happier and your body will work more efficiently. My dad discovered this a few months ago via Gillespie’s book and despite the fact that he’s a very skinny bloke, my dad cut sugar out of his diet and lost quite a fair bit of weight and he feels much more healthier about himself! Inspired by my dad’s success and the Sugar Bible (the nickname this book gets in our house) I’ve decided to follow in his and Gillespie’s footsteps and document my progress on this blog.

How was Week One?

The first week of anything new is always the hardest. And cutting out sugar was no exception. I devoured the chocolate and the sweets over the Christmas period, knowing how much I would miss the stuff. The first day was incredibly difficult. I had cravings for sugar the entire day and I got really bad headaches which certainly didn’t help. But I persevered, knowing that this would benefit me in the long run. The headaches disappeared after 3 days but I still got cravings from time to time, which did eventually die down. I found that I was enjoying my food a lot more when sugar was out of my system and I started to feel fuller when I ate my meals. This also meant that my portion sizes for my meals have reduced drastically as I only need to eat smaller amounts to get my fill.

On Day 6, I was reading through Gillespie’s book and discovered that the amount of sugar we should be eating (if you’re really craving it that is) is maximum 10g a day. My dad at this point had made gingerbread biscuits from IKEA’s own gingerbread dough he bought earlier in the week. He said that having one of them should be fine as each of the biscuits would only have 6g of sugar in them. I tried a biscuit, wondering what the side effects would be after no sugar for 5 days. It only took about 2 hours before my stomach started doing weird things and I had slight discomfort. This shocked me as I was expecting agonising stomach pain and yet, after eating something with a fair amount of sugar in, it was all but gone. I had another gingerbread biscuit the following day at around the same time and there were no nasty stomach pains, which was a big plus!

I also noticed on Day 7 that my thighs and my bottom looked slightly slimmer. I wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination, but I couldn’t help but think there had been some sort of change to the lower half of my figure. When I compared some photos, it turned out I wasn’t imagining it! My thighs and bottom are starting to look slimmer and I am certain that limited sugar has something to do with it. Even my pairs of jeans are getting slightly baggier as time passes on.

So, that’s my summary of Week One! Stay tuned for the coming weeks and my ongoing journey on low sugar. I don’t know how long this will last for, but if I can keep my sugar intake low until my 21st birthday, I will consider that a whopping achievement! I hope you enjoy this series and keep coming back to see my progress.

Have you ever tried cutting out sugar from your diet?



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