Losing My Lush Virginity

Hello everyone! Welcome to a very special and exciting blog post…I have officially lost my Lush virginity and bought some of their bath bombs! I have gotten into a routine of showering every day bar Sunday, where I take a nice relaxing bath. Everyone in the internet goes on about how amazing Lush’s bath bombs are, especially my sister and lot of beauty bloggers I follow, so I had to try some for myself and today I will be showing off the bath bombs I got from the Cardiff store.

Twilight Bath Bomb


I was recommended this bath bomb by the lovely lady in the Lush Cardiff store. I mentioned that I’m a fan of lavender scents as they help my anxious mind calm down a lot, and this is teaming with a strong lavender smell, which is lovely. It’s also packed with essential oils, benzoin and tonka, which all help to produce the most relaxing bath in the world. In the store, I was shown a demonstration and it is so pretty. It turns the bath water a gorgeous of pink, purple and blue, imitating a dreamy night sky. I can’t wait to try this one night when it’s been a particularly stressful day.

Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb


Morgan thought I would like this bath bomb since I am a very patriotic Welsh woman. The Dragon’s Egg bath bomb is an exciting blend of citrus, lemon sherbet and jasmine. I’m not a huge fan of citrus, but it goes together with the other scents so beautifully. This bath bomb fizzles through the water and turns the water a beautiful shade of gold, which is perfect for any dragon wannabe. I’m very excited to use this bath bomb and bring out the dragon side of me.

Butterball Bath Bomb


As soon as my eye caught this bath bomb, I had to make it mine. A bath bomb that helps look after sensitive skin and smells of vanilla? Yes please! I am an absolute sucker for vanilla scents and tastes so this one was a sure fire buy. This bath bomb is designed to help soothe irritated and dry skin, leaving it soft and good enough to eat. Containing cocoa butter to help moisturise the skin and ylang ylang oil to help you unwind and relax, this bath bomb may become a fast favourite of mine.

Blackberry Bath Bomb


Upon entering the Lush store, this was the first bath bomb that caught my eye. The scent was a powerful blackberry which tickled my senses and went straight into my basket. I love fruity scents that are sweet and pack a good punch, with blackberry being no exception to that. This was also the first bath bomb I ever used and it turned my bath into an explosion of purple hues. Combining the blackberry with frankincense oil and bergamont oil (both used in aromatherapy for combating anxiety), this creates a beautiful burst of colour and scent that lingers for a very long time afterwards. There’s also a lovely little surprise when the bomb fizzes away which I won’t spoil, but it’s a great little touch!

Have you bought any products from Lush?

Watch the video below!


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