Lush Wigs Review

Today, I will be reviewing a local company, Lush Wigs. Lush Wigs is a company that is based in Newport that sells natural and crazy coloured wigs for whatever occasion. You may however, know the company by another name…Geisha Wigs. The original owner of Geisha Wigs had to close the site down, but it got reformed under the name Lush Wigs, which is reigning strong to this day. I have three of their wigs to show off in this post today.




I bought this wig when I was at Cardiff Comic Con back in November last year. I was like a shiny magpie browsing all the wigs when this particular one caught my eye. It was a blend of black and white that really attracted me, and for £20, it was mine! This wig gives me the hair I have dreamt about. It’s thick, it’s curly, it’s a monochrome dream and it blends two opposites colours so beautifully. A friend of mine commented on how it reminded him of Rogue from X-Men, so this could potentially be a cosplay wig of sorts. Either way, I absolutely love it and takes place as one of my very special wigs. I really want to try and do a crazy photoshoot with this wig as I have some very interesting ideas with it.

Rainbow Bright



While at Cardiff Comic Con when I bought DeVille, I was given a 10% off code to use on the website, which I took full advantage of. My friend Leanne was talking to me about this wig and the rainbow aspect of it sold me straight away. This wig was originally £24, but with the discount code, it cost me £21.60. This wig is a dirty blonde fading into a pastel rainbow ombre and it is super super long. I feel like a rainbow rapunzel whenever I pop this on! It’s really wavy and looks amazing when worn. As I’m not used to having really long hair, I find this a bit difficult to style and when I tie it up, it’s like having a tail, but regardless of that, it’s such a pretty wig! I also really like the side fringe that comes with it, which was a it of a pain to style at first since I’m not used to having a side fringe, but I love  the way it looks! I love the pastel rainbow that blends in with the blonde and the waves make the colours so dreamy and mermaid-like. I’d love to use this for a rainbow mermaid inspired photoshoot one day and play with my makeup. I reckon I can get some really dreamy looks with this!

Blue Moon



Blue Moon is the most recent wig in my collection. I saw a picture of it on the Lush Wigs instagram page and I fell in love instantly. It was a gorgeous blend of ash toned brown and striking blue, the minute I saw it, it had to be mine. It took a while to arrive as Maria was on holiday when I placed my order, but that made me even more excited to receive it. Once I got the wig, I fell in love all over again! As well as having a dip dye from brown to blue, there’s a blue underlayer and cheeky little blue highlights all over the wig, which makes it a real head turner. I had to make a slight adjustment to the fringe as I do with most wigs, but I am so happy with this wig. My natural hair colour is a mousey ash brown and the colour of this wig is at least one shade darker, I’m not even kidding. Any normal person would think this was my real hair on a quick glance! This may become my go to wig when I’m changing up my hair colour now since it passes as my real hair colour with a playful dollop of bright blue intertwined. If I ever went back to my natural hair colour for whatever reason, I would want to splash in some blue like this wig, it’s a glorious combination of colours and I feel like a goddess whenever it’s on my head.

Have you bought from Lush Wigs?


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