Dunelm Mill Haul

One of my favourite homeware stores to shop in is most certainly Dunelm Mill. Their range of beautiful and affordable homeware make it a number one stop for me, whether I’m looking for bedding, lighting, or anything else. I went shopping there this past Sunday to pick one thing up and over the course of my time there, it turned into five items. Here’s what I bought on my travels!

Adlington Sphere Pendant Lightshade


The main reason I went to Dunelm was because I needed a new lightshade. The old one I had was battered, tacky and had been there for many years. After browsing the section of lightshades, I came across this one and was drawn in by how elegantly designed this was. There was also a purple one on offer, but not a blue one to my dismay, so I bought the clear one. I love how the light reflects off each gem, showing a beautiful light display across my wall, which makes me feel like I’m at a disco!

Beach Style Glass Squares


Since redecorating my room, I’ve started to gather quite a collection of canvases and various wall art. When I saw these in my travels, I noticed the quote was a sony lyric I was very familiar with and had to nab them. The song is At The River by Groove Armada, although the actual lyric itself is a sample from an older song by singer Patti Page. Groove Armada’s song was one that was played in the car very often when I was younger and I thought this would add a little musical touch to my bedroom. Being from a seaside town, this will be a nice addition and brings a bit of the beach to me too.

Blue Button Heart Ornament


I saw this in the reduced section and grabbed it before it would be gone. What drew me to this was the colour. Since my room is a light turquoise colour, I thought it would be perfect and give my room a pop of colour. I love the design of this, I think it’s so cute, especially with the button holes and the little blue ribbon wrapped around. It’s a really sweet ornament and was just too much of a bargain not to leave in the store.

Ruby Collection Heart Shaped Chalkboard


The fact that I have acquired a lot of heart shaped stuff lately was not planned at all. Seriously. But I saw this, realised it was chalkboard and grabbed it. I bought my nan a chalkboard with a house design on it for Mother’s Day and I’ve always wanted to have something chalkboard-related in my room to give it a traditional feel. The fact that it’s shaped into a heart and hangs with a gorgeous satin ribbon give my bedroom a lovely rustic and homely feel. I have this right by my bed so I can make random doodles and notes on it in the mornings.

Chalk Cottage Collection Sausage Dog Ornament


I’m going to admit something here…I have a problem with sausage dog memorabilia. Whenever I see anything that is sausage dog related, I have to buy it. And this was no exception. I badgered Morgan to get this off the shelf since I couldn’t reach it and I absolutely love it. I love the minimalistic look it gives and it looks great with my white shelving. This dog has been named Betty and she will proudly reside on my shelving, so you may see her appear in the background of my videos!

Have you bought anything from Dunelm Mill?

Watch the video below!


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