An Unexpected Detour – Writing Extract

This extract is from the novel I wrote during NaNoWriMo last year. I haven’t worked on it in a long time as I’m currently pursuing short stories first, but I managed to get this done with two days to spare during the event! This was inspired by many films and oddly enough, GTA V Playthroughs. I hope to have this out as a full novel in the future, but for now, you can delve into this little extract which involves the main character Rosanna being a tad nosey…

Word Count: 979

   Once I had exited the college, I quickly checked the time. 4.32pm. I decided to head home, thinking of how much better I would feel when I got to my bed. Thank God it was my last day of lessons this week. I strolled down the busy road bustling with cars as I kept thinking about Kathy. I never understood her. She seemed like such a nice person until my sexuality was made aware to her. Her true colours of black and white came forward when I was met with remarks from her. It was like someone flicked a switch. I had only just started on my course, but part of me just wanted to bail early. I was initially excited to go to college after finishing school, since it would mean a fresh new start, but it ended up being just like school but in a different education setting.
   My train of thought was interrupted by the sound of a screaming man. I looked around and saw I was only two streets away from home. The screaming happened again, but much closer. I snuck over to the nearest alley and found a man fighting a woman. The man looked a few years older than me, sporting a big, muscular frame. It was difficult to make out any other features. The woman hitting him had a piece of cloth tied around her mouth. Her ruffled brown hair moved quickly as she tried to protect herself. Thoughts began to race through my head. Why were they fighting? Was I witnessing a kidnapping? I hid myself from sight as best as I could, fumbling around for my phone. The man slapped the woman as she made a muffled cry.
   “You bitch…did you really think Ranger wouldn’t find out about you?” The man spoke, his voice hushed. Who was Ranger? What had I stumbled across? I could make out tears streaming down the girl’s face as the man pulled the cloth from her mouth. He revealed a gun in his left hand. My heart started to race.
   “If you even think about screaming for help, I will put this pretty little bullet in your empty head.” The man lowered his face to the woman’s. I knew that I should run, but part of me wanted to save this woman. Was this the calling my disney princess self craved all these years? I snuck closer, crouching behind a skip for cover. The woman’s eyes were blinded with fear.
   “Rocco…please…it’s not what you think…Ranger is not who you thought he was-” Her trembled voice was cut off with the gun in Rocco’s hand being shoved into her throat.
   “There’s no use in trying to save your own skin, Millicent. You were always playing for the other team. You’re just scared ‘cause now you got caught.” Rocco replied, his voice filled with disgust. Millicent shook like a leaf as I prepared to dial 999. It was all I could manage to do. Silence filled the air as each of us became more tense. I quickly moved to the side of the skip as I held the phone to my ear.
   “Rocco, please! Listen to me! Ranger is a dangerous man! You’re all in grave d-”
Before the call could connect, I heard a high pitched scream cut off by the sound of a gunshot. I jumped and clamped my hands over my mouth. Tears streamed down my face as my body shook violently.
   “Sorry Mills. I really liked you too.” Rocco sighed, his footsteps approaching the skip. My mind started to panic. If he sees me, I’m as good as dead. I stayed completely still as he passed by the skip. He stopped by the exit of the alleyway as I tried to shuffle out of his view.
   “Calling the police would be useless, you know. They can’t detain me.” Rocco spoke. I froze. Was he talking to me? How did he know I was there? I kept silent, hoping he was speaking aloud.
   “You might as well get up, I can see your arm.” He sighed. Well, siht, now I was certain I’d die. I quickly got up on my feet as he walked towards me, gun pointed at my head.
   “P…P-Please don’t kill me…I won’t tell anybody I promise…just…”I stuttered, shaking. Rocco looked me up and down, deep in thought. There was no possible way I could run, he’d cover my back in bullets. I just stood there, cowering at the man who could potentially be my killer.
   “I should kill you…but I’ve already killed someone tonight. Spilling your blood would be unnecessary.” He spoke, unsure of himself. I tried to speak, but I couldn’t find anything to say. My mouth had completely shut down in a bout of fear. I didn’t know how to react.
   “Since I don’t know whether to kill you or not, I guess you get to live for now. Ranger will decided what to do with you.” He grabbed my arm and pulled me under his shoulder, the gun being forced on my side.
   “Wait!!! W-where are you even taking me?!” I frantically asked, trying to struggle from his grip.
   “Just hush up and walk with me. if you do as I say and you impress the others, there’s a chance you’ll live.”
   “Others? T-There’s a group of you?! Can you at least tell me who you are?!”
   “You’ll see. Just keep walking.” We moved out of the alleyway into the last of the daylight and began walking down the street. Any passers by would have assumed we were together. And I guess we were, only we had been brought together with the barrel of a gun. No matter where I was being taken, I knew I couldn’t possibly make it out alive. So much for wanting more.


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