H&M Cardiff Opening Night

Yesterday, I was in Cardiff for a very exciting event – the grand opening of H&M’s new store. They very kindly invited me along to the event to check out the new store, which is one of the biggest in the UK and being a huge fan of their clothing, I had to say yes. I went to the event with my lovely friends, CharlotteLottie & Neesha. I also got to meet Bunny after so long which was awesome!

Before the shop opened to the public at 6pm, we got in a hour early so we could take some photos and have a quiet browse through the new store, which I was so stoked about. My first impression of the store was that it certainly lived up to being a big store – packed with two floors full of gorgeous clothing, accessories, a home section, and makeup, the last two of which I didn’t even know they did! There were so many amazing things in the shop it was very tough resisting the urge to walk out with the entire store.

While we were having a browse, the lovely Laura who invited us to the event handed us all an envelope each. Slightly confused, I proceeded to open it and find it was a £50 giftcard for us to use in the store! She explained that it was a little thank you for us attending the event. Considering I have to watch my money carefully nowadays, this was such a kind gesture and you bet that I managed to spend it all in one go (save £1.31).

H&M’s new store is jam packed with lots of amazing clothes and accessories. It’s an exciting step up from the previous store and I had a lot of fun browsing what was available. I also got a glimpse of their Christmas range, which was absolutely adorable I managed to pick up a new Christmas jumper which I will be showing off everyday in December! We then got to see the lovely Ella Eyre perform some songs too and she was amazing!

The opening night was a fantastic shopping experience and I got to pick up some amazing goodies. I want to personally thank H&M for giving me a £50 giftcard and inviting me to the event. I had a wonderful time and am looking forward to seeing how the new store progresses.

Have you been to the new H&M store?


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