Reaching The Big 1K

On the 22nd of November, something amazing happened. I was sitting in a KFC with Morgan, and our close friend Callum. I randomly decided to check my youtube channel while eating away and found that my little old channel had hit 1000 subscribers. I gasped in shock and started getting very excited, which made Callum worried that something awful had happened. Quite the contrary.

Since I began making videos on my current channel three years ago, my life has changed completely. I’ve found an audience of people who like watching the random nonsense I put online and I’ve had a chance to work with some amazing companies. I used to watch lost of big name YouTubers that I admired and loved for their content and personalities. The fact that 1000 people see me that way too is quite a daunting thought, but makes my heart go all warm and fuzzy.

I started this year off with 200 subscribers (on New Year’s Day no less!). My goal was to hit 500, which I did back in April. The fact my subscriber count has doubled since then is incredible and it’s not even the end of 2015. Even though there have been times this year where I’ve hit creative blocks and haven’t been able to upload as often as I would like to, there’s still a bundle of people who like what I film and actively engage with it. I know tis will sound cliche, but I never thought anybody would watch my videos or subscriber to them, let alone 1000 people. That’s roughly 5 times the size of the biggest screen in the cinema I used to work in. Eeep!

I have lots of plans and ideas for future videos that I’m excited to be working on and a lot of opportunities coming my way. It’s a brilliant time at the moment and I feel so proud that I know I’ve worked hard to achieve my goals for this year and twice over.

To everybody who has supported my YouTube channel, whether it was from the very beginning, or even a few days ago, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have gotten me through some tough times this year (thankfully there hasn’t been many) and knowing that you enjoy my content really makes me smile. I hope that I can continue to make all of you smile for as long as I can and in many years to come. Who knows? Maybe I’ll hit 2000 subscribers next year? Okay, that’s a bit too optimistic, but hey…it could happen!

If you haven’t already subscribed to my youtube channel, you can click here to do so.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my channel over this period of time. It really means a lot.


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