Hello February

So, it’s February already, huh? Well, that certainly went quickly…

This month has been quite up and down for me, since I’m still unemployed. January officially marked the one year anniversary of getting put on Citalopram; I wrote a whole blog post about it which you can read here. I hope to eventually come off this soon, but for now, it’s served me pretty well this year.

I’ve also been quite up and down with my emotions due to being unemployed still. While I’m making some money from my YouTube channel, it’s not enough for me to live on. I’ve been constantly applying for jobs everyday and mostly hearing nothing back. It’s going to be a long pursuit to get back into a full time or even part time position, but I’m hopeful I’ll find something soon.

I got to do something amazing in January and that was see my favourite musicians live for the first time, Massive Attack. I’ve loved their music ever since I was younger and seeing their incredible performance was a tick off the bucket list for me. I already want to go and see them perform again. There will be a vlog of my trip coming up on my YouTube channel very soon!

There’s also been an big amount of procrastination with regard to this little blog. I’ve been trying to post three times a week, but honestly, it’s difficult to think of things to write about. I’m possibly thinking of limiting my schedule to possibly two times a week until I can gather a good list together. I’ve also been slacking on actually story writing, but I’m going to get back into the swing of things soon.

I also finally got a new vlogging camera! The beloved Canon Powershot G7X, which I’ve lusted after for months. It’s such a fantastic camera and it does everything I want it to and so much more. Considering the amount of trouble I had getting this, the wait was absolutely worth it. My instagram photos look so much better now.

There’s not really much else to say about January. I just hope that February will be the month I get a job and can keep on top of all my internet endeavours!

Are you excited for February?


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