How I Met My Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and since it’s the month of love, I thought I would share the story of how I met my boyfriend Morgan, and how we eventually became a couple.

Throughout my teenage years, I’ve been in some pretty rubbish relationships. Guys have left me for other girls, I’ve felt uncomfortable around guys, guys have decided they couldn’t commit, all the usual stuff. All of that left me feeling incredibly insecure and very unhappy about myself. I was already having issues with my self esteem, so having boy trouble didn’t help. I was convinced I would become a crazy cat lady or die alone…or both! After a fling I had with someone went sour, I decided that I wasn’t going to have anything to do with men until I finished my A Levels in school…

…and then Morgan came along.

I’ve known Morgan very briefly for a few years as a friend of a friend. He didn’t seem to speak much and we only started talking to each other when we found we were taking A Level Media together. I pretty much hated/felt uncomfortable around most of my classmates except for my friend Nathan, who Morgan was friends with. I would often sit next to Morgan in class and through our lessons, I got to know him better and found someone I was comfortable talking to. Morgan would often call me a fool when I did something stupid and I would retort with calling him a fool a lot of the time. Nathan and other friends saw this as flirting, but I brushed it off, thinking it was just Morgan taking pity on me.

Summer time passed and the sour fling happened, leaving me bitter and upset. I also lost my two best friends around this time and my anxiety was at an all time high. One day at lunchtime, Nathan and my other friend Josh told me that Morgan had a massive crush on me. I didn’t think much of the claim, as I thought Nathan was just joking. I wasn’t sure if I liked Morgan that way at the time; I remember thinking he was a nice guy, but was too afraid to think any deeper about it. A few weeks afterwards, I found myself becoming slowly more attracted to Morgan and I wondered if he really did fancy me. Eventually word got out about my small crush, to which Nathan immediately told Morgan about. That evening, I got a facebook message off Morgan asking if it was true about my crush. Thinking I’d get a rejection, I just said yes and left it. So, you can imagine my shock and surprise when I got a message back from Morgan saying he felt the same. Even after this, a small part of me STILL thought it was all a big joke. He asked if he could spend time with me the following day and I went to my sister for advice. She told me to just go ahead with it despite my initial plan to turn him down, and she said I could swear off men after it went sour if it turned out that way. So I reluctantly agreed.

I don’t remember a lot of that day, but I know that he met my mum and dad, we walked around Porthcawl, I was dressed in my Watchmen T Shirt and my baggy jeans. Morgan was worried I was melting since it was very warm that day. And ever since that very hot day on October 1st, 2011, we’ve been together.

We’ve had our ups and downs during our relationship just like any other couple, but the fact somebody has managed to stick with me for over four and a half years is an achievement. We’re hoping to move in together this year when we’ve both got stable jobs and there are definitely plans in the works too. Morgan has been so supportive of me and incredibly understanding with my mental health. He’s helped me through a lot and keeps helping me whenever I need it. Despite the times when he tickles me, calls me a Wolly when I do something silly and pulls funny faces for 99% of photos, I love him to bits and I’m glad I didn’t turn him down that October day.



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      Thanks so much Aimee! <3 xxxx

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