How I Edit My Blog Photos

Since starting this blog almost two years ago, I have tried my best to make my photos the best it can be. With previous YouTubing adventures, it was fairly straight forward for me to know how to get the perfect images. In this post today, I’m going to be showing you how I create the photos you see on this blog; from my equipment, to editing software and what tips I prefer to do for certain photos.

My current camera equipment are these two babies; Big Canon and Little Canon! My Big Canon is the Canon 600D; I got this camera a year and a half ago and I also use this camera to film my YouTube videos on. My 600D is where the majority of my photos are taken on for posts like product reviews, hauls and any photos that are taken in my room. The Little Canon is a more recent purchase and is the Canon Powershot G7X. I got this camera back in January and is the camera I take out on the go. I do all my vlogs on this little nugget and I will use this for photos when I go out to events or when I do outfit posts outside. As you can see from the photos above, the difference in quality is very little; both these cameras pack a punch.

Another piece of equipment which I use once in a while is my Amaran Halo Ring Light. Morgan bought this for me as a Valentine’s Day gift and I like to use it to help me take photos and film if I need to in the evening. Since the lighting in my room can get a bit yellow, this light helps to counteract the tones and makes the image as bright as possible without oversaturating it. I do however want to make a makeshift softbox for the light so I can use it a lot easier when I film my videos, but I will discuss that in a future post!

Now let’s move on to editing the photos. The main software I use is an app which a lot of you have probably heard or and used, Afterlight. It costs about 79p on the Apple Store & Google Play and is hands down, the best photo editing app I have ever used. I knew that this app was very highly favoured with a lot of bloggers and it’s easy to see why!

First of all, when I get the image I want in Afterlight, I turn the brightness all the way up. Afterlight has a brilliant brightness feature. Unlike other photo¬†editing programs, the brightness doesn’t white out the picture completely and instead enhances the light to give it a more natural look, which makes it stand out. Once I’m happy with the brightness levels, I’ll move on to a filter; the one I favour at the moment is Magnolia, which also enhances all the brightness in the photo and make the image appear more crisp and professional. I will use other filters if I feel they better suit the tone of the image, but the majority of the time, I will just have the one on standby.

And that’s it! That’s how I edit my photos. I hope this has given you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes here on my little old blog. if you’d like to see more posts like this in the future, then feel free to let me know! Feel free to have a look at some more examples down below.

How do you edit photos?


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