The Welsh Bloggers Lunch

On the 29th May, I popped along to The Little Man Coffee & Co to attend a Welsh Bloggers Lunch. This was my second event as a blogger and was hosted by my lovely friend Charlotte. I was very excited to see what Charlotte had in store for the event and I was thankfully not as nervous as I was for my first event.

I got to the event quite early (an hour early exactly!) so I helped Charlotte and Lottie set up everything. We were downstairs in the coffee shop which I was a bit bummed about because the weather was so lovely, but it was such a lovely area, I didn’t mind so much. Charlotte went all out for this event in terms of decorations; she had a pin board, emojis on the table and made sure that everything was perfect for Instagram photos.

Once everyone had arrived, the event got into full swing. We all exchanged details with each other and it was a lovely little event with only 11 of us in total. I also got to use my business cards properly for the first time and I got some really nice comments from fellow bloggers on the quality of them! I even made them look pretty with the emojis and cutouts.

I had a cheese and ham sandwich for lunch and a slice of chocolate cake, which was very tasty. I also had a cup of tea with soya milk which was a lovely little meal that The Little Man provided. While we all chatted and got to know each other, Charlotte gave some talks about contacting brands, posting on social media, getting the most out of blog photos, SEO and Google rankings. Her talks were incredibly useful and I will definitely take what she has said on board with my blog – it’s been long overdue here!

We also had a little character creation workshop from Pigeon, an illustrator who is studying in Wales. She talked about the steps to create a little character and all the different styles that influence her own art, as well as some ideas on what directions we can take. We then had a go at creating our own characters, and my god awful anime skills came in handy with my little character. I think I may go back and do something more with this since I’m pretty chuffed how it came out.

As well as a lovely afternoon with fellow bloggers with a sandwich and cake, I also got given a goody bag full of lovely little bits, including some bath products, a sample of some men’s moisturiser (which Morgan was happy to receive) and a gift card for Joe’s Ice Cream.

Overall, I really enjoyed the welsh bloggers lunch and got a lot out of it. As well as getting to use my business cards for the first time, I also learnt a lot of tips that I am definitely going to start implementing in my routine. Charlotte did a fantastic job in putting this event together and I am very excited for the next event with my fellow welsh bloggers!

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