Skin Deep: Thumb Troubles

The previous post was taking about how proud I was of my fingers and how nail polish of all things, has helped with my recovery. My fingers are still in good condition, but my thumbs have taken a beating.

I haven’t worn nail polish for a little while and I haven’t been picking at my fingers (yay!) but my thumbs have been the victim of constant picking (nay!). My right thumb in particular has taken quite a beating, since skin hasn’t healed properly and I had to trim the nail because it broke off a few days prior. Because of how close to my nail I had cut, skin got caught in the process and resulted in me picking. I imagine if I had painted my nails, this wouldn’t have happened or it would’t have happened not nearly as much.

My nails have been painted since I had them done for a fashion show I attended a while ago, but while they were painted, I noticed that I caught myself picking the nail polish off. Because I used a top coat that had lots of sparkles in it, they got caught easily on things and I ended up just peeling them off, which lead me to peeling a lot of it off. This resulted in my fingernails being slightly damaged because of the picking and I felt bad for it. In the future, I don’t think I will be using a top coat with sparkles on it to save my poor nails the trouble of being picked. I suppose it’s better than picking at my skin right?

I’ve also had a pretty decent time with the spots on my face, until I woke up one night with a giant pus filled spot right on the side of my nose which was horrendous. Thankfully, it’s gone down since then, and I believe it is thanks to something I’ve wanted for ages…a cleansing brush! The one I have is from No7* and was on offer for £15. Since I had a bunch of Boots points on my card sitting around, I decided to treat myself and get the brush, since I’d head so many good things about cleansing brushes. Lots of people have high end brand brushes like Magitone and Clarisonic, but No7’s was more in my price range and so far, I love it! It’s already making a difference in my skin and I’m hoping regular use can help fade some acne scars I have too. I’m going to do a full review on my blog and youtube once I’ve used it for a while!

That’s all for this time (I feel like this is way shorter than previous posts, sorry!). Progress photos are below!



  1. 25th July 2016 / 7:28 am

    Hey Holly. Will be really interested to see your review of the skin brush.I think I may give one a go too for the acne scars. Just on my chin-what's that all about!!? Have you found your skin has improved with having less dairy in your diet? X

  2. 28th July 2016 / 11:30 am

    I’m exactly the same with my acne scars – they always appear on my chin! I have found my skin to be slightly better with less dairy, I think it is something I will discuss in my next post! xxxx

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