Skin Deep: Progress!

So not much has changed from last time, I’m still having trouble with my thumbs. They’ve got nasty cuts, they’re red, inflamed and feel very rough. However, my left thumb’s nail growth is no longer distorted! And I fixed it by distorting it more…stay with me.


This is what my thumb looked like previously. I was picking, then i picked too much and my thumb became this. It’s not the first time I’ve distorted my nail growth either, which is even more frustrating for me. How I managed to fix my nail, was by distorting it even more. I picked right at the middle and basically made a new nail. It was very painful and I do not recommend it at all, but it managed to do the job for me. I’ve since gone and painted my nails black (got to be spoopy for halloween) so that will hopefully deter the picking and hide how awful my nail looks. You’ll be able to see what I mean in the comparison photos.


As for my chin, I’m going through a rough breakout. I picked at a small niggly spot right by my right eye and I made it full on scabbed and icky. It’s managed to heal up now, but I had to put up with that for days, picking at it and making it bleed. I also find that I’ve started to feel around my face for spots, like I did with my back. This is setting off major alarm bells as lots of people can see my face; most won’t see my back. I don’t know how I’ve done it, but I managed to find a spot on my neck and about three around my chin area. I’m going to be attending a blogger event for a skincare company next week, so I’m hoping they might have something that can help me!

That’s it for today. Progress photos are down below.








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