Holly Does Slimming World | Week One

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a brand new series on my blog (yes I have way too many right now shaddap), Holly Does Slimming World! In an effort to try and loose weight, I’ve signed up for the popular program after many of my friends were having amazing results by following it. I asked you guys on Twitter if you wanted a series and you said yes, so here we go!

So…why did I join Slimming World?

I joined Slimming World for the reason everybody joins, and that is to lose weight. I have tried and failed numerous times in the past to loose the extra two stone that I carry on me. I gained it in the past year through a combination of eating rubbish food, not exercising, and dealing with incredibly painful irritable bowel syndrome. I’ve never been confident about the way I look and the fact I’m two stone heavier than I want to be makes me feel worse. Every time I look at myself in the mirror, I can’t help but cringe at the figure staring back. I don’t enjoy going clothes shopping like I used to because I know I won’t fit in my usual sizing. I’ve had to throw out at least 2/3 of my wardrobe because it didn’t fit me properly.

I could go on, but I’ll save you the trouble.

Basically TL;DR: I put on weight. And now I want to lose the weight.

What is Slimming World?

Slimming World is an organisation that helps people all across the UK and Ireland to loose weight through a unique eating plan. Rather than telling you what you can and can’t eat, Slimming World actually lets you eat whatever you want – so long as it’s in moderation that is. The program is designed to teach you portion control and get a better understanding of the food that you put into your body. Basically you can still eat chocolate, sweets, crisps, all of those unhealthy foods and still loose weight. Sounds crazy, right?

The plan of Slimming World is that you have food that you can eat as much as you want every day. They’re known as Free foods, and they are not off limits. Following on, you can then choose two healthy extra foods that have to be weighed out. And then the fun bit…the syns! The syns are the little treats that you can have every day, and your daily limit is 15. Lots of people all across the UK and Ireland have lost loads of weight thanks to this plan. It did take a bit of explaining for me to wrap my head around, but now, I know exactly what to do.

My First Week…


Here’s a little taster of the food I’ve been having: Pasta (Free) with Spinach (Speed Food), Chicken (Free & fried with low calorie spray) & Pesto (3.5 syns for a level tablespoon). Nom nom!

I was expecting to have lots of problems with my first week on Slimming World, and although I did run into a few, I found it incredibly easy and simple to follow. There were two days where I went over my syn count which I was frustrated with, but I only went over by 1 or 2, which was surprising to me. The days I went over I attended a press event and I was at my nan’s for dinner. Apart from that, I felt that my first week was great. I got to eat what I wanted still, but having to measure some of my food meant that I was reducing my portion sizes, which have helped me to slim down. I’ve also noticed that my IBS has gotten so much better since starting this journey, which is strange as I’m still eating food that can set it off. I’ve been eating lovely food which I’ve had to avoid and my stomach can handle it with ease. It must be the magic of Slimming World! I have also noticed that my stomach is not as bloated as usual and some weight has gone in my face, which was one of the main issues of my weight gain. I felt uncomfortable editing videos for the longest time because I had to watch myself talk and I could see the beginnings of a double chin forming. It was disgusting, but now it’s not so prominent.

My Results…

The group that I am with is in my local area and is run by the bubbliest woman, Millie. I got a chance to attend my first session and everyone was so inviting and lovely. I didn’t like the idea of going to a meeting every week because I was afraid of judgement and I didn’t want people to know my weight. Luckily for me, everyone’s in the same boat and there’s a lovely community of people who are going for the same goals. And my weight is never read out in session, only the loss or gain I’ve had. Speaking of which…

For my first week in Slimming World, I had a grand loss of -2.5 lbs! Now, this isn’t a lot, but I’m happy with this. Granted, I am still in the 10st category (10st & 0.5lbs to be precise), which I am frustrated with (when I get under 10st, my scepticism will actually vanish), but it’s currently my time of the month and I feel like I’ have lost a little bit more. It probably won’t be much of a difference, but I feel a lot better with myself in terms of my body. Even if I haven’t gone underneath the 10st mark. I do feel that I haven’t been eating as much free food as I could have been, which may have hindered some loss, but hey! I lost something! That’s good right?

Next Week’s Goals…

  • Eat more speed food.
  • Prepare meals to avoid going over syns.
  • Get under the 10st mark.

Are you doing Slimming World?


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  1. Cerys Lloyd
    19th November 2016 / 9:24 am

    Well done Holly!!! I loved reading this as a fellow Slimming Worlder who is currently off plan and has been for a few months your blog has hit home the reasons why I need to go back! I will see you in group! xxx

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