October Favourites 2016 | Lipstick, TV & Clothing

It’s time for some monthly favourites! Can you believe we’re in November already? And that Donald Trump is actually going to be the next president? The less I say about that, the better…

Heart Necklace


Last month was me and Morgan’s 5th anniversary together. This necklace was his present to me, and his reasoning for buying it was that he hadn’t brought me a shiny in a while. It definitely lives up to its reason; it is very shiny. I’ve worn this a lot since I was given it, although you wouldn’t notice it since it’s underneath all my clothes. It’s a very special necklace and one that may become the necklace I don’t take off for any reason.

Black Mirror

When my university friend Lexx talked about this show years ago I knew I had to check it out or myself. The first two seasons are dark, gritty, and incredibly true to home in some respects. Now Season 3 is on Netflix and I’ve all caught up. This is probably the best season yet, the first episode Nosedive made me bawl my eyes out afterwards. I was completely drawn into the characters of each episode and a lot of it was very close to home, which is one of the show’s strongest points in my opinion. I am very excited for a new season, but I will make sure to have tissues on standby.

Nature’s Way Alive! Jelly Vitamins*


After I talked about the Iron Supplement tablets I got last month, I wanted to try something new. I didn’t like the aftertaste of the tablets when I took them, and despite saying they were chewable, chewing them was not recommended. I found these in Holland & Barrett after some browsing and decided to give them a go. They are the yummiest tablets I’ve ever taken. They’re flavoured with strawberry and orange, and have a bunch of goodness in them including biotin, vitamins c, b6, b12, and d. Even though they don’t contain iron, these do give me lots of energy and I enjoy taking them too since they’re so tasty.

Limecrime Velvetine Lipsticks


I’ve done a complete u-turn on Limecrime recently. I first liked their lipsticks, then I hated them and now I like them again. I probably won’t buy them on a regular basis because of the shady nature of the business, but I added some new shades to my collection that I’d been eyeing up for a while. I got myself Teacup, Rustic & Thistle. I love all of these colours, Rustic in particular. It’s a beautiful earthy red which I am all over at the moment. I love the other colours I got too; it will be fun experimenting with them.

Select D-Ring Jacket Blouse


I’ve been wearing this blouse to work non-stop lately. I eyed it up in the Select sale and it’s been a office staple in my wardrobe ever since. It’s a simple black blouse that you can tie up or leave open. Putting it on makes me feel like a proper business person, and adds that extra little touch of smart to my daily office job. As it’s black, it can go with literally anything and I feel so confident in myself whenever I wear it.

New Look Coat


Another item of clothing that makes me feel business like is this New Look coat. My sister has a similar style coat to this and I’ve always admired it from afar. When I saw this coat in the sale, I had to snag it up. It’a a beautiful light grey colour that, like the blouse, goes with anything. It’s not meant to be water resistant, but can add a smart look to any outfit. I’ve been wearing this a lot despite it getting colder, and it makes me feel like I can take on the world. And it has pockets. Things with pockets are amazing

What were some of your favourites in October?



  1. 18th November 2016 / 4:55 pm

    Love your comment about things with pockets being amazing – I totally agree, and often find women’s clothing doesn’t have enough, if any pockets! What’s up with that?! Do they think only men need pockets?! Black Mirror Season 3 was amazing – Nosedive was definitely my favourite episode!

    • 24th November 2016 / 1:08 pm

      Clothing that has pockets make everything so much better!!! I can’t wait for more Black Mirror now, it’s gotten so good over the past few years! xxxx

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