My Office Wishlist

So, now that me and Morgan have bought a house (!!!!!!), I’ve put together a little office wishlist to indulge in my fantasies. We’ll be getting the keys to our house tomorrow and although we have sorted out pretty much everything, I’ve always had in my head how I want my space to look. We have a little spare room which is going to be my little office / study and I’ve popped together some little items that I would love to have in my dream office.

The Range Cork Memo Board

Cork boards never used to appeal to me when I was younger, but now, I really really want one. I can see myself pinning lots of little things on a cork board and it will be a good place for me to gather all of my thoughts. It probably wouldn’t fit with how I want my ideal study to look, but dammit I will do as I please.

IKEA Alex Desk in White

Like lots of people, I have a lot of love for IKEA furniture. Heck, if I had my way, all of my furniture would have come from IKEA…most of it has in fairness! While I enjoy the desk I have now (guess where it’s from?), I would love to have something incredibly simple. Nothing too fancy storage wise, just a surface where I can organise my things and get down to business.

To defeat…the huns.

Yankee Candle in Mango Peach Salsa

Candles have taken over my life. It’s becoming a serious problem. And no matter how many other candles I try, I will always come back to this Yankee Candle. The smell is gorgeous and I have seriously contemplated eating it a few times. It is that damn good. Candles will always be a part of my study no matter what, but this one is my absolute favourite.

Tomb Raider I Print*

I already have one of these prints (I have the Tomb Raider II one featured in this post!) and I need to have the first one too. In fact, I want all of them. There’s a poster for every single Tomb Raider game, they just wouldn’t have fitted on the photo. And I have only realised as I sit here typing this, that I actually follow the guy who designed them on Twitter (And he’s from Wales. How fricking awesome is that!) If you want to follow him (which I highly recommend), you can find Chris here!

eBay Seat Height Adjustment Office Chair

I was going to feature a completely different office chair (from IKEA surprise, surprise), but when my work colleague showed me this chair he was going to buy for his house, I very quickly changed my mind. Despite the fact I could get this chair in practically any colour I desired, I loved the practicality of it. The way it can adjust to lean back speaks to me (and my colleague) on a different level. Shoutout to Rhys for recommending this chair. He probably won’t read this. But if he will, he’ll probably never let me live this down.

Paperchase Madame Romantica Metal In-Tray

Paperchase is my go to shop for stationary. My mum always enjoys shopping for Christmas cards there and everything in there is so aesthetically pleasing. When I saw these trays, I knew they would be perfect with my little dream office. I like the lacy design as it makes it look quite vintage to me, and I can see myself storing important documents and various bits of paper in these trays.

What would be in your dream study?


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