They’re Real Product Launch With Benefit Llantrisant

Last Thursday evening, I got the chance to attend a bloggers evening with Benefit Cosmetics*, who have launched some new products in the They’re Real range. Having heard so many amazing things about Benefit’s products, I knew that I had to see what all the fuss was about. I attended the event with Lottie, Neesha & Charlotte, and got the chance to meet Aimee, Kelly & Rachel.

I haven’t had a chance to pop up to Llantrisant in a long time and was excited to be at the retail park again. When I first walked in, I was immediately hit with how beautiful the Benefit counter is. Everything is bubbly, happy and is quite simply, goals.

We got given some nibbles to snack on and drinks, which I unfortunately didn’t get around to tasting, but they looked yummy! We were also presented with the cutest mirror ever.

So, the purpose of the blogging event was that Benefit are launching new products to their ‘They’re Real’ line. the included lipsticks and eye-shadows that I am certain will become cult favourites in due course along with the rest of the range.

First, we played with the Double The Lip Lipstick.* This product really intrigued me, as it combines two must have lipstick products into one; lipstick & lip liner! As you can see from the packacing, the top half is a lip liner, and the bottom half a lipstick. This gives a lovely soft finish and makes your lips look ready for the day in half the time. The shade I swatched was Criminally Coral, and the two colours work so well together.

Another product in the line was the Duo Eyeshadow Blender,* which is going to change a lot of people’s lives. This is a duo eyeshadow blend, which is meant to make smoky eyes, easy as pie. You simply get the applicator, swipe the eyeshadow three times, then apply on your eyelids for the easiest smoky eye ever. For someone like me, who can’t do smoky eyes for toffee, this product is going to be an absolute lifesaver. There’s lots of different shades too depending on what look you want to achieve.

Our lovely hosts, Kirstie & Hannah then went on to show us two different looks with the products; one day look and one night look. Both were done in no time at all and looked absolutely stunning. They also gave lots of tips which I found incredibly useful and will be taking on board when I apply makeup in the future.

We then got a chance to try the products out for ourselves and see who could get the most likes on Instagram (I had a whopping 5!). I was absolutely amazed with everything that I got to try (even if I did put the eyeshadow duo on upside down…whoops!) Everything was so simple and I was very taken aback at how much I had achieved with all the products I used. I even had Hannah do a demonstration of their Push Up Eyeliner on me, which I absolutely adored. Even though I can’t do eyeliner for toffee, Benefit’s eyeliner makes it so simple, and that lead me to purchasing one for myself.

As well as a lovely evening, we also got given little goody bags to take away! A lot of the products in my goody bag are ones I’ve been very eager to try out myself, so this is a perfect way for me to give them a test run.

I had a fantastic evening with Benefit and they have definitely got themselves a few fan of their products! I want to thank Benefit Llantrisant for inviting me to their event and letting me play with all of the makeup! If you want to check out the full products in the new range, you can shop them here!*

Have you tried our any Benefit products?


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