30 Days of Tomb Raider

Most of you probably know that I am an absolute sucker for the Tomb Raider franchise. Give me something with Tomb Raider on it and I’ll eat it up. I’ve adored the games for many years and recently, I’ve seen a set of questions from The Croft Tomb about a 30 day challenge asking all question about our favourite British raider. Rather than do this over 30 days as I’ll probably forget questions, I’ve decided to whack them out all in one go in this blog post. Please keep in mind that I haven’t played all of the games in the franchise, but I have played a fair few so I think I can answer these. If you want to see me play through these games, I have a gaming channel where I am currently playing through the TR franchise right now (I am currently playing The Last Revelation!). I hope you enjoy my answers and make sure you let me know what yours are!

Day 1: Favourite game in the series.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Tomb Raider II. It was the first one I played and the one I have so many fond memories of. I was introduced to Lara through this game and even though I never fully completed it until fairly recently, it holds a very special place in my heart.

Day 2: What was the first Tomb Raider game you’ve played?

Relating to the first question, Tomb Raider II! My family owned the first four games in the franchise on PC when I was very little and I used to watch my dad play them until I eventually gave them a go myself. Watching this woman jump through traps and explore derelict areas really appealed to little Holly. The second game was the first one I chose (I don’t know why I didn’t just pick the first one but oh well) and since then, I was completely hooked.

Day 3: Favourite character(s) besides Lara.

Good old Winston! Even though he doesn’t really do anything in the first few games and was kind of there for comedic value, I loved his character and the idea of Lara having a butler. And I enjoyed locking him in the fridge. But who didn’t?

Day 4: Favourite antagonist(s).

Natla is the ultimate definition of mega-bitch. She’s Lara’s first foe and there’s something so cunning and mysterious about her first appearance that you can’t help but be intrigued. She just oozes mystery and elegance all in one and will take down anyone in her way. Her face is also really pointy in Tomb Raider: Anniversary. She could probably cut a knife with her cheekbones.

Day 5: Favourite outfit(s).

I wanted to own this jacket for a very long time. I still want this jacket. Somehow, I will have this jacket. Even though keeping her top half warm didn’t make sense to me especially as this is in the snow levels of TRII, I adored it all the same.

Day 6: Favourite enemy.

I’m a little bit biased towards this answer since my native country’s symbol is a dragon, but come on. IT’S A MASSIVE FUCKING DRAGON. He is the most derpy dragon I’ve ever faced in any video game, with his ability to walk through walls and reign his fiery breath onto a pole rather than Lara. He is a beautiful sight to behold.

Day 7: Favourite weapon(s).

It has to be the Uzi’s. These guns pack a massive punch and they get shit done.

Day 8: Favourite artefact.

The Dagger of Xian is one of the most beautiful artefacts I’ve seen in the games, and I have strongly considered getting a tattoo of it.

Day 9: Most challenging entry in the series.

Tomb Raider I was definitely a challenging game for me. Even though it wasn’t my first TR game, it was incredibly difficult in a lot of ways. Enemies were everywhere, the puzzles needed lots of dedication to them, and the design of the game itself all added up to a cracking challenge ahead (do people still say cracking anymore?). I especially found this in Atlantis & Unfinished Business when I fought through Natla’s mutant army. Those guys are brutal. One little flick and Lara would explode.

Day 10: Do you like any of the novels? If so, which one?

I haven’t read any of them unfortunately!

Day 11: Do you like the movies? Why or why not?

I loved the movies when I was a kid. Lara on the silver screen? Yes please!! I rewatched both of them again recently and I enjoyed them, despite seeing how incredibly dated & cheesy they are now.

Day 12: Do you own any Tomb Raider merchandise besides the games?

Yes, I own a few things! I’ve got my Playmates figure, three posters from Redbubble & a DIY Funko I made myself.

Day 13: What is your favourite piece of merchandise/memorabilia you own?

My Tomb Raider Playmates figure. I got this figure for Christmas when I was little and I cherished it deeply. Unfortunately, it got lost to time and last year, I found the exact one I had for £35 on eBay which I snapped up. It now takes pride and place on my bedside table and I can rest easy knowing Lara is keeping watch.

Day 14: Has Lara Croft or the Tomb Raider series made an impact on your life?

Definitely. She has shaped a lot of my attitude towards life and there hasn’t been a time in my life where I didn’t want to be her. She’s helped my confidence grow and made me feel like I can do anything. She was also the first woman in gaming that I saw and that really resonated with me.

Day 15: Favourite level(s).

Floating Islands in Tomb Raider II. This level legitimately shocked me so much when I first played it. Going from a mostly normal location to giant green blocks in the sky left me wondering whether Lara dropped a massive bag of acid in between cut scenes. That alone makes me adore the level, but the atmosphere, the enemies, the design is absolutely spot on. It’s a shame that this level doesn’t get a lot of love with other TR fans, which makes me love it even more. it’s a very underrated level in my humble opinion.

Day 16: Least favourite level(s).

Meteorite Cavern in Tomb Raider III. Mainly because Spider-Willard creeped me the fuck out. I rather enjoyed blasting the crap out of him, but he was insanely hard to kill.

Day 17: Favourite main theme.

Tomb Raider II’s. It gets me every time.

Day 18: Favourite moments(s).

Gosh, there’s too many! Listening to the Venice violins in Tomb Raider II, taking the piss out of Lara’s funny noises, seeing all of the beautiful locations Lara gets to visit and some incredibly hilarious deaths along the way.

Day 19: Scariest moment(s)/level(s).

Having to go through a cave filled with giant spiders in the Temple of Xian. One of my biggest phobias are spiders, and having to go face to face with these giant motherfuckers was a terrifying experience. There was lots of screaming and cursing involved to get through this section alive.

Day 20: Saddest moments(s).

The ending of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. Not only did it make me sad, but it also made me incredibly angry too.

Day 21: Favourite location(s) Lara has adventured to.

I would say Aldwych in Tomb Raider III (mostly because it sounds like a Welsh name & train deaths), Tibet in Tomb Raider II & Egypt in Tomb Raider I & The Last Revelation.

Day 22: Favourite live action model.

Rhona Mitra. She was the first model I saw for Lara and she absolutely nailed the part. She just oozes Lara’s sass and wit. I wish video game developers would do model things again. They were so cool.

Day 23: Favourite voice actress.

Judith Gibbins, who voiced Lara in TRII & TRIII. She was my first encounter with Lara and will always embody her. Lots of people love Shelley Blond (TRI’s voice actress), but Judith is the ultimate Lara for me.

Day 24: Favourite quote(s).

This entire scene. It cracks me up every time I watch it.

Day 25: Favourite boss battle.

This was a recent addition for me, but I enjoyed the boss battle from The Last Revelation. Lara attempting to go up against an egyptian god was pretty sweet, but then realising halfway through that I had to just leave the pyramid to beat the boss appealed to me more! Granted, it still took me a long time to get out since Set wouldn’t stop shooting lasers at me, but it was pretty funny to see that Lara could just climb out, shut the lid and boom. Boss battle over.

Day 26: Are you a Core Design or a Crystal Dynamics Supporter?

I do enjoy both adaptions of Lara, but for old time’s sake, I have to say Core Design. They were the ones who brought Lara to life after all!

Day 27: What are your thoughts on the reboot?

As far as modern games go, I enjoy them. Granted, I do have some slight issues with Lara’s portrayal (which I go into later on), but overall, the games are good. I really like the mechanics and they keep me entertained and on edge, so they do their job pretty well.

Day 28: Do you like the new Lara?

She’s okay! I do like her, but I’m a little bit weary of her since Crystal seem to be pulling the father angle a lot, which is something I don’t particularly agree with. I think Crystal’a Lara could definitely hold her own and not have to rely on her father so much. There is potential in her, they’re just not pushing it out.

Day 29: What do you think of the new comics?

I’ve not read the new comics, but I have has a peek at some of them and they look pretty cool! I may have to delve into some one day.

Day 30: What fond memories do you have of Tomb Raider/Lara Croft?

Being able to play through her stories and get sucked into her adventures finding artefacts & relics across the world. I love how diverse every single character is, and the atmosphere each game has. It makes for a beautiful experience that my younger self has never forgotten.

Extra: If you could suggest one thing to Crystal Dynamics in regards to the Tomb Raider series, what would it be?

DON’T FOCUS ON HER DAD SO MUCH, JFC. She is a strong character in her own right and doesn’t need her father to show that. If they incorporated classic Lara more into her character, I’d be happy with that.

Have you done the Tomb Raider 30 Day Challenge?


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