5 TV Shows I Need To Watch

TV shows are a wonderful thing, but I don’t find myself watching a lot of TV in general. If there;s a show that really catches my attention, I will watch it religiously but it seems to be very few and far in-between. I don’t know if it’s because I spend a lot of time on the internet, but TV is something I usually bat an eyelid at. However, there are some TV shows that have grabbed my attention, whether it’s due to review, word of mouth, or the premise in general. And today, I’ll be talking about five of these shows that I need to sit down and binge watch in the future.


Everyone’s been going on about this show and the amount of times I have said I will sit down and watch it is probably in the hundreds now. I know that it’s based on a film / novel and it involves a futuristic park that lets rich people live out their fantasies. The concept alone is enough to pull me in, but the added fact of the growing reviews it’s had has pulled me in even more. I love sci-fi shows and everything about the genre, so fingers crossed I can actually delve into this show soon.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

This was a TV show I didn’t even know was happening until it popped up all over the internet. I have very fond memories of reading the series of books & with the film adaption, so this show definitely is on my list. I’m very interested to see which direction they go with this adaption and the idea of Neil Patrick Harris playing Count Olaf, is a surprisingly good cast I feel! Once I get some hours spare, I will be binge watching the hell out of this, with my fingers and toes crossed for it being good!

Orphan Black

Okay…I know I’m cheating a bit with this one since I’ve technically already watched it, but I haven’t finished Season 4 yet. So it totally counts, right? Anyway, I recently got into Orphan Black and found myself binge watching it. It deals with the issues of human cloning and it’s incredibly intriguing to me, especially with one actress playing multiple characters (my inner writer squeals with delight at the thought of it). I’ve drifted off in the middle of Season 4 since life got in the way, but I’m determined to finish it. Especially since┬áthe next season will be the last. Sob.

Wayward Pines

This is a show that my dad suggested to me when I was discussing Stranger Things with him, and I’ve been determined to watch it ever since I read up on it. Wayward Pines reminds me of Twin Peaks, which is another show I really enjoyed watching, and it has that mysterious, haunting vibe that I really love to indulge in for TV shows. Everything has a creepy, old style atmosphere and the inhabitants are a little bit odd. It’s a formula that’s been done to death, but I can’t help but get sucked into it every time. I’m even in the process of planning a novel series revolving around a strange town. That’s how much I like it.


Again, this is another show I have watched, so technically it shouldn’t be on the list. But, I haven’t watched the 4th season, so it counts again. This is one of the very rar UK TV shows that I watched in one sitting, and I actually enjoyed. Idris Elba is a fantastic actor and the story lines are incredibly dark & gripping. Even though it did get a bit silly and dramatic at the end of Season 3, the fact that another season has happened and I didn’t even know about it, makes this one another TV show I really, really need to watch. I think I need a good couple of days sitting in my house just watching all of these shows. Then I can finally scratch them off the list!

Are there any TV shows you really need to watch?


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