Skin Deep: The Return of the Back-ne

I’ve been putting off writing this post for a few weeks now, but I figured that if I don’t share my progress, you’ll all be down my throats. So, as the title suggests, the acne on my back has returned. Woohoo.

The reason it’s come back is completely my own fault. Most of you know that I’ve just moved house, and for two weeks, I was without my trusty Boots Tea Tree Back Spray*. This meant that my back wasn’t being protected and, surprise surprise, the spots came back in full force. I haven’t gone one single day without picking my back and I’ve now got scabby spots that I pick at repetitively until they crack, bleed, and leave me in a lot of pain afterwards.

Dermatillomania Wounds On Back - February 15th 2017

For the past few days I’ve been trying to put plasters on my back, which has helped stop me picking, but it’s still making things difficult. I get a lot of itches on my picking areas, which really doesnt help. Thankfully, I’ve been reunited with my back spray and I’m hoping that with further use, they will calm down eventually.

As for my fingers, they’ve looked like this for the past few weeks. My thumbs & finger have both been covered with adhesive dressing from the first aid kit box in work, and they’ve been recovering really well. Although there have been times where I have picked, I’ve noticed that when I use adhesive dressing as a plaster for my picking areas, it actually stays on all day. Plasters tend to fall off after a while which gives me more urge to pick, but these withstand all of the typing I have to do in my job. This has meant that the distortion on my right nail is growing back at a great pace. I’m hoping it will be back to normal in about a week’s time.

My acne on my face has also started to become a bit bothersome lately. I am due for a period so my hormones are running rampant with spots, and I’ve been dealing with a very nasty one in the middle of my chin that I can’t seem to stop picking at. No amount of washing and lathering with tea tree is making it go away, so I think a vinegar job might be on the cards for tonight (for those who don’t know, I used to put vinegar on my spots overnight as it did absolute wonders with reducing them). Despite this, my nan gave me a lovely comment a few weeks ago about how clear my skin was looking, which really perked me up!

That’s all for this update. Progress photos are below as always! (Check out my nail distortion ones! I’m super proud of them!)


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