Skin Deep: Acne Attack

I really don’t want to write this post. Like…reeeeeeally don’t want to. But for the sake of progress, I shall progress on.

Dermatillomania Acne covered with plaster

I had the pleasure of being greeted with this lovely spot on my back a few weeks ago. I was red, pus filled, and very painful to touch. In an effort to stop me from picking it, I immediately put a plaster straight over it and carried on with my day. This worked great and before I went to bed, I covered it in back spray. When I woke up the following morning, I found the spot had popped during my sleep. I kept covering it up but slowly ran out of plasters (as you do having a skin picking disorder). And now, the spot has been well and truly picked at. It’s been over a month now and the spot is still there, along with some other nasty scabs on my back. The urge to pick at them is getting to me, even though I’m back in the routine of back spray twice a day. Maybe they’re a bit more resilient now, so I think another product may have to be given a go. If anyone can recommend any good acne sprays for the back, please leave me a comment below!

Dermatillomania Scab Picking

There’s also a wonderful little scab that’s formed near my knuckle. I have no idea how it got there, or even where it came from, but I’ve picked at it. However, this time I seem to have made it rather infected. Despite keeping my hands insanely clean, somehow, it’s turned yellowy-green and I’ve had to keep it smothered in Germolene and plasters. It’s not been fun and I really hope it goes soon.

Dermatillomania Recovery Picking Scars on Right Finger

Dermatillomania Recovery Picking Scars on Right Finger

Despite what you see above, my distorted finger is growing back really well. I haven’t picked at the nail itself (…okay, I did a little bit, but it’s still growing!), but all the skin around it has been my prime picking spot. There’s been new skin forming where my nail is growing back and I have really gone to town on it. It’s left it very sore with a little bleeding, but right now, I’ve kept it clean and the redness is going down. Extra strengh plasters from Boots are my new best friend. They literally do not come off. You could probably set them on fire and they wouldn’t budge. I like to think so anyway.

Derma Acne On Side of Nose

This spot on the side of my nose has been another picking frenzy. I initially thought it was a pus filled spot forming when I first picked at it, and now it’s turned into a black scabby mess that I pick at everyday. I’ve also dealt with flaky and redness. Hooray! Despite slathering it in tea tree and keeping up with my routine everyday, it doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon and a vinegar job is looking more likely. For those who don’t know, I used to use Vinegar when I had really bad and painful spots, and they would immediately reduce overnight. They were an absolute lifesaver however there isn’t vinegar in our house so I’ll have to outsource it somewhere. I’ll let you all know if it works!

Compulsive Skin Picking Acne Under Right Ear

And just to add insult to injury, I have spots under my right ear. WHAT THE SHIT.

That’s all for this update. Progress photos are down below, along with my back as I need to start documenting it again! Grrrrr.


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