DIY Motoko Kusanagi Cosplay Wig

Yes, your girl is finally doing cosplay again, starting with the making of a Motoko Kusanagi Cosplay wig!

When I was younger, I used to love doing cosplay, even though I hardly did it, and the ones I did were really shit. Now that I’m almost at my ideal weight, I’m turning an eye to the big “C” word again, and I wanted to begin on a new project. Having recently seen the live action Ghost in the Shell film (WHICH WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT), I decided to begin on doing a cosplay of everyone’s favourite Section 9 employee.

You may have seen in my birthday wishlist for this year that I put a purple wig on it from a shop called Cosplay Salon, which would serve as the base for this wig. I almost didn’t want to modify it since it was so beautiful even if the long fringe was an absolute pain. But, I had a need for some wig modding, so I got to work.

First, I did the easiest part of the whole operation and cut in the fringe. This was done by measuring out where I wanted the wig to fall, and I cut it accordingly in line with my eyebrows. The left side of the fringe is a bit floppy because of the wig having a side fringe previously, but you can’t see it too much.

Then, I moved on to chopping off a huge chunk of the hair and very gently getting the base length cut out. I tried to do the diagonal chop, but on my own head it was difficult.

DIY Motoko Kusanagi Wig

So, I enlisted Morgan’s head to help! Once I had got a very rough marker of where the hair would fall, I took it onto a styrofoam head and neatened the cut, making the diagonal fall a lot more defined. A few days later, I went back with some hairspray and touched up a few areas that were sticking out.


And, voila! Here is the finished result. Considering this is my first attempt at cutting a wig into any shape or form, I am very pleased with how it’s turned out. The cut at the back is a bit more slanted than I’d like, but due to how wavy parts of the wig are, this was difficult to work around. I may go back in the future and see if I can get the wig straighter on my right side (as it is really bugging me), so I can hopefully even everything out again. But for now, the wig is done and I am on my way to being The Major in no time!

Have you ever modified a wig for a cosplay?


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