Lush Cosmetics Mask of Magnaminty Review

Lush Cosmetics Mask of Magnaminty Cruelty Free Face Mask

After venturing into many different fresh face masks from Lush, I’ve been recently trying out the Mask of Magnaminty. I was recently recommended this when I went to Lush Spa Cardiff as part of a mini skincare consultation. Intrigued, I picked it up.

Lush Cosmetics Mask of Magnaminty Self Preserving Face Mask

Lush Cosmetics Mask of Magnaminty Face Mask

You can get this mask in two different versions; either a fresh face, or a self-preserving one. For this, I chose to get the self-preserving one, which means that I don’t have to keep it in the fridge and it will last much longer.

This mask is chock-a-block with ingredients to do numerous things with your skin; there’s mineral rich kaolin to nourish the skin, honey to help with antibacterial matters & peppermint oil to help stimulate the skin and leave it refreshed. I was recommended this for my spots, as lots of you know I suffer with annoying acne from time to time.

When I first used this, I was immediately blown away by how cold it was on my skin. The minute I smoothed it all over my face, it was beginning to tingle and the peppermint oil was getting to work. It felt calm and refreshing to have this on my face and was a lovely sensation. Even better was when I got in my bath (with a lush bath bomb of course!), and I had the heat of the water embrace the mask, making for a beautiful contrasting feeling. I was very tempted not to take this off and leave it on for the rest of the night, but I probably would have scared the dog, so eventually, I washed it off.

Lush Cosmetics Mask of Magnaminty Self Preserving

After rinsing off and patting my skin dry, I couldn’t believe how smooth my skin was. It felt like a baby’s bottom and the slight peppermint tingle was still there too. Although it didn’t clear up my spots straight away, it did certainly help to reduce a few and calm some down. I imagine with regular usage, that this would be such a useful face mask to have.

Lush Cosmetics Mask of Magnaminty

Out of all the face masks I’ve tried from Lush, there isn’t one I’ve disliked. And the Mask of Magnaminty is certainly a new favourite for me. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean, and helps to calm down pesky spots too. Time will tell whether this noticeably helps to sort my spots out, but after just one use, I am certainly hopeful that it will.

Have you tried the Mask of Magnaminty?


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