Skin Deep: Ugly Cold Sores

Real life issues have gotten the better of me lately, meaning this latest Skin Deep post is a little bit glum.

Dermatillomania Cold Sores on side of chin

Dermatillomania Cold Sores on lip

The first problem I’ve encountered is good old cold sores. I had one on my lip (which I’ve had to circle because you can’t really see it) and (I suspected) right by the corner of my lip too. At first like always, I thought these were just normal spots and went on a standard routine of picking the scabs every day. It wasn’t until the “spot” on my lip started to tingle after a picking session I realised that it was actually a cold sore. Cue a trip to my parents to borrow some Virasorb to apply on it. Then, I was looking at the spots under my lip and wondered if they were cold sores too, so I have been applying Virasorb to them too. My theory was correct and the sores have now completely gone.

Dermatillomania Scarring on Right Finger

Dermatillomania Scarring on Right Finger

As for my fingers, it’s still a rough skin ride. The distorted finger has been growing incredibly well, but I’m still picking the new skin underneath it, causing blood spots galore. Not only that, my right thumb has gone incredibly red and disgusting. And my middle right finger has a really grey patch of skin on it which I keep picking at. I’m falling back into my own ways and I’m so frustrated. I’ve decided that when I have a spare moment, I’m going to sit down and properly paint my fingernails in the hopes that I won’t see my finger distortion so much and that it could help me heal again.

Last month, horror struck me as my Lush Cosmetics Hand Scrub ran out. Luckily, I managed to get another big tub when I went to the Lush Spa Cardiff press event to keep me going. So far, I’ve been using it every morning, but I’m going to get back into the routine of twice, if not three times a day. And as if that wasn’t amazing enough, I found a tiny tub of my hand scrub in my shower bag, which will reside with me on my desk at work. I’m hoping this way that my hands will improve a lot quicker if I’m scrubbing them thoroughly.

That’s all for now. As always, progress photos are down below! I’m going to really get back into this series and keep on top with it, by doing posts fortnightly rather than whenever I remember. Let me know if you want this series more frequently!


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