Skin Deep: Pretty Nails, Ugly Skin

I feel awful that I haven’t done one of these in a while when I said I’d be getting them out more regularly. Maybe a monthly entry isn’t so bad I suppose? I don’t know. Anyway, let’s get into the progress.

So my fingers have been doing pretty good ish. There have been times where I’ve picked, but that finger is now completely healed and I haven’t touched it since. Woohoo! Now if I can do that for the rest of my fingers that would be fab.

Wonky Fingernail

I was also greeted with this very odd looking nail on my left finger. See where it’s grown outward on the side? Yeah, that really annoyed me and I used a nail file to clear it up.

Thumbs with plasters on dermatillomania

The distorted nail that I had on my right hand has now finally grown back to normal too! Well, normal for now, it still looks a bit off, but the nail is completely there, which I’m pleased with. However, I am still picking at the skin on it. Instead of going directly underneath, I’ve now moved over to the side. It’s been picked at and has dead skin hanging off as I type this. I guess I just can’t win, huh?

My thumbs have been doing worse. I keep trying my hardest to stop picking at them, but the blood spots, the hardened skin and the while marks make it very difficult to do. And ti make things worse, I currently have no plasters in work, meaning willpower is being relied on a lot. And even that isn’t doing much. Thankfully as I’m typing this, I found a big plaster and cut it in half to cover up my thumbs for now. I hope that by the time it comes to change them, I’ll have found more plasters.

As for my chin, it’s been a really good few weeks, which is rather suspicious. I’ve had no breakouts for about three weeks, which for me is incredibly rare. Then I was greeted with a spot on my chin that I pick at continuously, then another two smaller ones, and then…

Dried up blood on side of nose

…this lovely present on the side of my nose. In fact, both sides of my nose have spots on them that I’ve picked! This happened when I woke up one morning and my spot had been bleeding overnight. Safe to say I picked that all away and haven’t touched it since.

You’ll see in the comparison photos that I’ve gone and painted my nails again, which has hidden my wonky nail and isn’t working in deterring me. The polish has chipped quite a lot though so I’m going to go over them in the hopes that it will maybe push me to leave them alone. It worked before…why won’t it work now!? Agh, I’m so frustrated.

That’s all for this update and as always, comparison photos are below!

Dermatillomania Recovery - Right Thumb Dermatillomania Recovery - Right Hand Dermatillomania Recovery - Left THumb Dermatillomania Recovery - Left Hand Dermatillomania Recovery - Chin

Dermatillomania Recovery - Back


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