Go Air Llamsamlet Press Night – #KnockYourSocksOff

An email from the lovely folks at Go Air came through my inbox last month, inviting me to a press night for their new trampoline park in Swansea. Being a massive kid at heart, I immediately said yes to me and Morgan attending. For those who don’t know, Go Air are a chain of trampoline parks across the UK, with their two other parks based in Cardiff & Manchester. They’re filled to the brim with exciting activities for everyone, such as Dodgeball, fitness classes, parkour classes, basketball, and just plain old jumping with obstacles. There’s something involved for everyone and I was pumped with excitement to get down there and knock my socks off, alongside my lovely blogger babe Charlotte & her boyfriend Robyn.

Holly Stockport at Go Air Llansamlet

There are literally so many activities you can do at the park, and the four of us took all the advantages to try them out. The first place we went to was the dodgeball area, and we spent a lot of time in there throwing balls around. Most of the time, it was Morgan pelting me with every single ball on the ground and eventually we ended up ganging up on just one person. It definitely got my blood pumping (and as I imagine, plenty of bruising yet to be seen!)

Holly Stockport at Go Air Llansamlet

There was an area where you could jump on the walls of the park, and me and Morgan took great fun in this. Morgan managed to jump from the walls very gracefully – I however, wasn’t so good. I built up the air, then I’d just flop over bouncing. It was really fun to try out though, and I’d definitely like to go back for some practice. Charl luckily got some great shots of me airborne though!

What I really liked about the trampoline park was that there was something there for everybody. There was an area specifically for the little ones, the general bouncing area, and a giant drop into a soft airbag for people over a certain height. As well as this, there was also a bar that offered drinks and snacks if you found yourself needing an energy boost.

Holly Stockport at Go Air Llansamlet

I definitely have a favourite area though, which is the gladiator style battle area. Two giant beanbags, a pit full of soft cubes and a battle to push each other off…what’s not to love? Me and Morgan both had a fair few turns on this and Morgan knocked me off every single time. My sense of balance isn’t that great anyway, so having to try and push Morgan off as well didn’t help.

Holly Stockport at Go Air Llansamlet

Holly Stockport at Go Air Llansamlet

Look at those action shots. Aren’t they just the stuff of dreams.

My first experience with Go Air is nothing but positivity. I get to feel like a big kid and jump around. It’s a great way to get some fun exercise in your routine and there’s something for everybody so no-one is left out when it comes to the trampoline park. Having looked at what else Go Air has to offer, I definitely want to come back and try some of the classes, especially the Go Fit ones. They sound like my kind of exercise routine! I will be definitely making another visit to Go Air in the near future, and have my socks well and truly knocked off. A special shoutout to Go Air for inviting me to the launch of their new park. Definitely go and check it out!

Have you been to the Go Air trampoline park?


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