A Walk & Talk In Brynmill Park With Coca-Cola ParkLives

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post written for ParkLives. In no way does that fact alter my opinion of the event I attended. Please head over to my Disclaimer & PR page for full disclosure details.

Do you guys remember when I got to learn Tai Chi with Coca-Cola ParkLives last year? Well, they decided to invite me along to another event as ParkLives is back once again! For those who aren’t aware, ParkLives is an initiative from Coca-Cola Great Britain, launched in 2014, run in partnership with local authorities across the UK. The programme offers thousands of fun, free activities in local parks, encouraging people across the UK to enjoy the green spaces in their local community. I really enjoyed doing Tai Chi last year and I knew I couldn’t say no to another session with them. This time however, we decided to opt for a walk and talk within Brynmill Park.

The day was a beautiful sunny one, meaning I got to wear a summer dress which is always great! Me and Morgan attended this walk and talk with our ParkLives session host Andy, and two lovely women Janet & Daphne. Daphne also brought along her fluffy dog Tom, who was very happy to be getting out in the sun.

Brynmill Park is a half an hour drive from where I live and every time I come down, I’m always struck by how beautiful it is. Especially in the gorgeous sunshine, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular spot. Not only does it feature beautiful views and fun for everybody in the sun, there’s also a wide range of wildlife, which Andy told us all about. There were lots of ducks swimming around in the pond, and we even got to see a few ducklings too!

What I really enjoyed about this walk and talk was that there was a very small group of us. It meant that we could have more conversations one on one with each other and get to know everyone much better. Daphne & Janet were an absolute delight to chat to and they shared with us some very interesting perspectives on life. Tom was also incredibly adorable and always sniffing around for some doggy treats.

When we had explored Brynmill Park, we then went into the Discovery Centre for some tea and rich tea biscuits, which Tom was very vocal about having. It was a lovely end to a beautiful morning being able to have a sit down and take in all of the fresh air.

Coca-Cola ParkLives in Brynmill Park

Me and Morgan both enjoyed our walk and talk around Brynmill Park immensely, and our ParkLives guide Andy was so lovely and welcoming to us. We will definitely be hitting up more ParkLives activities in the future, as there’s such a wide variety to choose from, meaning something for everyone. I want to extend my massive thanks to ParkLives for very kindly sponsoring this post and walk!

To find out more about ParkLives activities in your area, check out their website! https://www.parklives.com/

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