Back In The Fitness Game

After years of doing little to no exercise, I think I have finally cracked this whole fitness thing. There’s been lots I’ve done over the years to boost myself; 30 Day Shred, Yoga, Hardcore Gym, you name it, chances are I’ve tried it. I really struggled to find a good routine to get myself into and didn’t see any benefits from it. So many people begin to get fit and they find themselves addicted. I desperately wanted to be like them.

And now, I think I finally am! So what exactly am I doing?

The answer is a combination of two exercises that I’d done before; swimming and cycling.

Finding the right kind of exercise is important for me as I’ve grown up with very weak knees, therefore I need to make sure that I can exercise without overdoing it and causing my knees to buckle. Swimming has been a fantastic choice for this since I’m in the water and despite it being gentle I can get a good workout from it if I push myself hard enough.

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The whole swimming idea came about when I decided to change fitness centres; I’ve left Halo and gone on to be a member of Celtic Leisure, as they have a centre just around the corner from where I work. Lane swimming is on all day long as opposed to certain times in the day and they’ve got lots of good exercise classes along with up to date facilities. It’s a no brainer as to why I prefer it!

Right now, I’ve been in my swimming routine for just over two weeks; I’ve gone four times each week in the mornings then roll straight into work afterwards. I want to get up to five times, but the first week I was without my car and I had a really bad body image day so I didn’t want to go. What surprised me was how much more tired and sluggish I was without going. I immediately got to the pool as early as I could the next day and swam for half an hour.

I never imagined getting addicted to working out and even though a twenty minute to half an hour swim four times a week can see quite small compared to some routines, it works for me. What I enjoy even more is the fact that I can feel my knees getting stronger.

Which brings me onto cycling.

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Cycling is another exercise that helps strengthen my knees and is a great way to get my lower half moving. As well as going swimming during the week, I also attend a cycling class every Saturday morning. There’s a giant projector playing the workout video in a room full of cycling machines and it goes for roughly half an hour to forty five minutes. When I attended my first class, I was expecting my legs to be practically non-existent with an intense bout of cycling – I had to get out the saddle several times which really put a strain on me. But, to my surprise, I found that my legs ached very little – I was expecting not to be able to walk for about a week. It was a sure sign that this whole fitness thing is doing some good.

I hope now that with my regular exercise routine in place and following the Slimming World plan (I’ve actually gained 6 pounds this past week…whoops), I’m hoping that I can keep my weight loss off and hopefully finally get down into the 8 stone zone. I would certainly be living the dream.

What do you do for your fitness routine?


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