Talking Skincare With Kiehl’s Cardiff

I was recently invited to the second blogger event in Kiehl’s Cardiff last week, having attended their official launch in St David’s last November. I absolutely loved their first event and have become quite the fan of their products, so attending this event was a no brainer (especially as I got to have an afternoon shopping around Cardiff!)

The store’s layout is one that always strikes me; it is literally interior design goals for me. Alongside the lovely people at Kiehl’s (including fellow youtuber Katie in charge!), Pitch Cardiff were also serving drinks and food from their new tapas menu. I had a lovely strawberry mocktail made by them and even went back for another during the event.

When we were all settled in, we got a talk from the team about how Kiehl’s have been working to raise money for lots of charities across the world. Recently, they’ve been raising money for MTV Staying Alive who are working to help prevent HIV and AIDS. I was taken aback at how much work they’ve done for charity and found it wonderful that there’s a brand who believe in all the right causes. We then heard about the most popular products Kiehl’s have to offer and some of the staff favourites. Unsurprisingly, the Midnight Recovery range and the Daily Reviving Concentrate came up on everybody’s list. Having used the Daily Reviving Concentrate before and seen all the reviews of the Midnight Recovery range, it was easy to pinpoint why they were the most popular products.

A cute little feature I couldn’t not share was the scrapbook that the store keeps for their history – especially this page about their first bloggers event! My logo and a quote from my previous post were even in there, which was amazing!

After the staff had talked about the skincare, we got the chance to have a mini skincare consultation. I had a consultation with the store when I attended the first event so I was excited to see if my skin had changed between that time. I got chatting with Kyle and we found that my skin was pretty much the same…oily, dry and acne ridden! He recommended lots of different products for me, one of which I took great interest in, theΒ Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturising Serum Concentrate. When Kyle put this on my hand, it was like cold refreshing water. My hand had never looked so happy when the product went on. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to purchase the product that night and I will hang on until payday to nab it instead (which is exactly a week away while I write this post!)

As well as seeing all the products Kiehl’s had to offer, I got to chat with some lovely bloggers too, some of whom I hadn’t met before! I was particularly chatty with Laura, who was lovely to talk to and made the slight fear of me attending this event on my own a little less daunting.

I had a wonderful time with Kiehl’s and came away with a goody bag too, which I will do a mini haul on at some point. I want to extend my thanks to Katie & the team for inviting me down and filling my head with lots of wise skincare knowledge.

Have you tried any products from Kiehl’s?


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