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This postย was written in collaboration with Dresslily.

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Finding the best Halloween masks for sale in the run-up to the spookiest event of the year can sometimes be a challenge. I have a lot of fond memories of me and my older sister rummaging through the dress up box my mother had to find the perfect costume. Although I don’t dress up nearly as often as I used to (I do cosplay from time to time!) I’d still happily throw together a costume to wear for Halloween so I can get as spoopy as possible. In this collaboration with Dresslily, I’ll be showing you five of the best Halloween masks for sale on their website that will be sure to pack a scare or two at your next Halloween party.

Halloween Party Hip-Hop Devil Mask

When I first saw this mask,ย The Purge films immediately came into my head. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s a series of films where all crime is legal for one night a year. I’ve only watched the first film, but I could definitely see myself wearing this if I wanted a Purge style. Although it doesn’t look overly scary, I think that with some makeup and a little bit of fake blood, this could make way for a very creepy costume.

Halloween Horse Mask

This isn’t necessarily a halloween mask but I see these so often on the internet, I would kind of love to own one just because. The famous horse mask that is seen in memes everywhere can be a great way to make a really fun and memorable halloween costume. Or if you just fancy being a horse for the day…either or. There’s a lot of different styles of horse mask you can go for, but I chose this one as it’s closest to the original memes.

Monster Printed Halloween Head Mask

I’m going to be honest, I jumped a little when this came on my screen. This is a mask that just screams Halloween (well, if it could scream). I have no idea what this creature is but whatever is, it could scare the living daylights out of lots of people for sure. The Silent Hill games came to mind when I first saw this mask; this is definitely one monster that I can easily imagine roaming the foggy streets.

Halloween Faux Ruby Lace Mask

To add a little bit of glamour to this list, I thought I’d throw in this beautiful lace mask that can make any costume look graceful and elegant. It’s an amazing masquerade mask and masks like these always make me think of the big scene in Romoe + Juliet where they have the party and everybody wears these masks. If you really wanted to make this extra fitting for Halloween, you could definitely throw lots of fake blood and make a very gory yet elegant costume.

Plague Doctor Halloween Mask

If you really wanted to amp up the spookiness for your Halloween party, choosing this mask would certainly get heads turning. Plague doctors were medical physicians who treated people who had been suffering with the Plague back in the old ages and the masks they wore are quite simply, terrifying. I do wonder why they made the mask into a beak shape and it always makes me unfortable when I look at one. This one has a beautiful design and I’d much prefer putting this on my shelving as it’s so pretty!

What will you be for Halloween this year?


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