4 Of My Favourite Music Albums

My music tastes aren’t something I talk about a lot on the internet, especially my favourite music albums. I don’t know why since I have a very very wide music taste. I can go from listening to the UK Top 40 to something completely obscure in a matter of seconds. Music is something I want to be able to discuss a bit more on the web and I thought talking about my four favourite albums would be a good place to start.

The Optimist – Turin Brakes

The Optimist LP - Turin Brakes

This album is very special to me. I’ve been a big fan of Turin Brakes for many years and when my parents got their hands on their first album, it was the only thing I listened to in my car for months. It’s a beautiful album with gorgeous folk style tracks that always bring me back to my days in university and enjoying the independence of driving my own car. Many sunny days were had listening to this album and I always get that warm happy feeling when a song from the album comes on.

Favourite Tracks: By TV Light, Feeling Oblivion, Mind Over Money

Supernature – Goldfrapp


Just the mere mention of Goldfrapp at this point makes me giddy with excitement, as I will finally be seeing them live for the first time in less then 2 weeks! Another big feature in my collection, I feel like some kind of other wordly being or something akin to a goddess whenever I listen to Goldfrapp. They have a broad genre range which they pull off well, but Supernature was the sound that I became addicted to. This album was on repeat around the time I fell in love with Yu Yu Hakusho and every single song gives me goosebumps and flashbacks to the show. Not often I can say that an album has that much influence.

Favourite Tracks: Slide In, Time Out From The World, Satin Chic

Expecting To Fly – The Bluetones

Expecting To Fly - The Bluetones

I have a long and glorious history with this brit-pop band from the 90’s. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen them play and I even did a documentary on the lead singer Mark Morriss for a university project. Granted the documentary was awful, but still! This band is a firm family favourite and I take great happiness in belting my heart out to the tunes. Even though the band isn’t doing any more work together, their songs live on in my family and probably will do until the end of our days.

Favourite Tracks: Slight Return, Talking To Clarry, Vampire

Mezzanine – Massive Attack


Choosing which Massive Attack to put on this list was difficult. It was either Heligoland or this one. But for old time’s sake, Mezzanine had to feature. Massive Attack are my favourite musicians in the world. I’ve been lucky enough to see them perform twice and their music is on repeat whenever I write. Mezzanine is a beautifully haunting album with songs that make you stop and question the world around you. It’s a masterpiece of music and one that’s very close to me heart.

Favourite Tracks: Angel, Teardrop, Rising Son

What are some of your favourite music albums?


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