Creating My Dream Bathroom

Since moving into my first home with Morgan back in January, we’ve been working on making it our own special place. There were (and still are) lots of things that need to be done with the house so that it can be just the right living space for us. Since the middle of July, we’ve been working on our bathroom and today, I thought I would talk you through what we’ve had done and how it has progressed since we moved in.

Bathroom Before 1

Bathroom Before 2

Here are the before photos. Good God, doesn’t it look hideous! Out of all the rooms in the house, this was the one I was most disgusted with. Painted tiles, a broken bath panel, no shower system in place whatsoever. All of the design choices made absolutely no sense to me and it was very clear from the get go that lots of work would need to be done. The door also had a lock on it which didn’t even work properly; it literally defeated the purpose of having a lock in the first place. There was a bathroom cabinet with mirrors on the front that Morgan could use fine, but me? Nah, I had to go on my tip toes to even see my forehead. It really didn’t look like an inviting bathroom and it looked super dirty with the colour scheme. The first thing we turned out attention to was what annoyed me the most – shower and tiles!

Fitted Shower System in bath

Bath and Shower Area

It took a couple of months of asking people and phoning around to find a plumber who could come and do the job. Eventually, we settled on a lovely chap named Richard and he began work over the course of five days. Everything that we needed including tiles and the actual shower unit itself came from B&Q. The fan was replaced, our water system had to be completely rewired for it to run how we wanted and part of the wall was boxed up so it was all uniform. Dad also came in and replaced the bath panel so there was no longer a giant crack in it.

Bathroom Sink Area

Seeing all of the painted tiles gone and brand new gorgeous tiles in their place was so relieving and Richard did a fantastic job with it. He also covered the tiles that were by the sink in case water splashed up and new taps were put in too.

Toilet and Under Sink Storage

Once that had been done, we’d picked up some little bits and bobs for the bathroom which included a shower curtain from The Range, a shower rail from our local DIY store and an under sink storage unit from Wilko, which has become so useful for us. As we’re only in a two bedroom house, space is a rare commodity so this kind of inventive storage is perfect.

Bathroom Door with Lock

The door was also in dire need of replacement (as were all the doors upstairs) and this was the one that took the most work. My dad very kindly fitted all the new doors for us (which were bought from Wickes) and a brand new lock that actually worked! He had to chip away at the door frame so the door would fit on properly but it looked so much better than before.

Bathroom By Door

The next job was painting the bathroom. My mother very generously came over and painted the bathroom for us in a lovely white colour rather than the vomit coloured cream we had before. This meant that the room would brighten up a lot more and give it a much needed lease of life. My parents did all the preparation for painting (sanding the wall, taping things up, moving things out the bathroom, painting the ceiling) which I appreciate so much as this all happened when I had a horrible bout of a flu bug. Then my mother came around while me and Morgan were in work and she gave the walls three coats of paint, along with painting the new door, the frame and the radiator. She later told me that she would have liked to do another one just for touch ups, but honestly we were so happy with the room not looking like sick we didn’t even care at that point.

Bathroom Cabinet and Towel Rail

Marble Bath

After that, we went back to The Range and bought ourselves a towel rail to fit above the radiator (which we got for half price in store! get in!). My dad did this for us and then we fitted the standard bathroom cabinet back on the wall, but at a much more suitable height for me while keeping Morgan in mind too. And then to top it all off, I found this photo on Wilko’s instagram and immediately had to copy it for myself in our bathroom. We bought the Marble Self Adhesive Sticker (after hunting virtually every single Wilko in existence for it) and managed to get it on the panel after a few attempts. Granted, there are still lots of air bubbles, but we really don’t mind.

There are still little things we need to do before the bathroom can look completely perfect such as replacing the floor and getting a new set of blinds, but the fact we’ve managed to transform it into such a beautiful room is incredible. It truly is amazing what a fresh perspective can do for a room and now I actually get excited to even step in and have a warm, relaxing soak. If you guys would like me to do posts on the other rooms in our house, please let me know!



  1. 4th November 2017 / 7:30 pm

    I’m glad to hear it’s all coming together for you in your new house! It’s definitely looking much better, you’ve done a great job and I love the marble bath panel.
    Ffi | The Essence Of Red

    • 5th November 2017 / 9:51 am

      Thanks lovely! We’re so pleased with it, I actually look forward to having a bath now! 😂 xxxx

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