Introducing…Holly Stockport Writer

After months of hard work and pottering away, I am super excited to announce that my official writing website, Holly Stockport Writer, is officially live! (But if you were subscribed to my newsletter, you’ve already seen it!)

Holly Stockport Writer Website Screenshot

If you read my previous writing update, you’ll know that I’ve been busy working on an official writing website for myself and my work. I’d been debating whether to do it for a long time, but if I’m going to be self-publishing my work, I need a totally professional space on the internet to do so. So here is where the website comes in.

From this point on, anything and everything to do with my writing career is going to go on my official website. I have a working blog on there where I’ll be updating with the latest news and announcements so if you want to keep up to date, then head on over there. All the current posts that I have in my writing category on here will stay as they are and I’ll be using this category if I need to make a big announcement. I’ve also launched a newsletter to go with the website where you can get exclusive discounts, announcements before anyone else and sneak peeks of what I’m up to in the writing world. If you want to be in on the action, you can subscribe here.

So far, I’ve had some lovely feedback from you guys who have already seen it and the launch of the website is making me so excited to lead up to the release of my first book. No that the website is finally live, I can get on with revealing more about the book to you all and I’m so excited (and terrified) for you all to finally see what I’ve been working on.

Please let me know what you think of the website and I hope you follow with my self-publishing travels!


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