My Top 5 Levels In Tomb Raider II

So, it’s no surprise to anyone that knows me that Tomb Raider II is my favourite video game of all time. It was the first Tomb Raider game I ever played and introduced me to the love of my life, Miss Lara Croft. I’ve recently been noticing that people know me for doing lots of beauty and fashion videos/posts (which is fine by the way!), but I feel they’re not completely representing my interests as a whole. With that in mind, I thought I would take you through my top 5 favourite levels in Tomb Raider II. If you also didn’t know, I have a gaming channel where I’ve done a full playthrough of the game, which you can watch here.

#5. The Deck

Tomb Raider II The Deck

For the first entry on the list, I thought I’d start off with a level that is gigantic in size and scale. Part of the levels of the Maria Doria, this final level in the section really goes all out. I love the blue underwater designs of the deck and how it looks incredibly rustic. I really enjoyed searching for the secrets in this level and working out exactly what I needed to do to complete it. However, when I did this level on a no meds run, my attitude towards the level changed completely. This level is so difficult to complete with no medi kits and you can see in my stream of when I attempted it that I began to loose my sanity.

#4. Temple of Xian

Tomb Raider II Temple of Xian

Despite the fact there is a giant spider cave on this level, this is one that truly stuck with me (and not because of the spiders!). Like The Deck, this level is huge in size. I remember it took me a good two hours to actually complete the level as there’s so many different things you need to complete. There’s so many traps, boulders, spikes and enemies to tackle and the atmosphere of the level itself is spine tingling. It’s the level where we’re after Bartolli whose got the dagger and knowing that there’s no time to loose just amps the tension up.

#3. Tibetan Foothills

My absolute favourite Lara outfit makes its first appearance in this level – her aviator jacket outfit. Oh, how I’ve lusted after a jacket like that. One day. This is also the level where we get to ride a skidoo and hear the brilliant Skidoo Pursuit music, that should seriously be played in a nightclub somewhere. This level has a gorgeous design and getting to run around in the snow was a fun experience. The secrets were also hard to locate in this level too, which made it even more challenging.

#2. Opera House

Tomb Raider II Opera House

I can’t count of how many times I’ve played this level, it’s probably engrained into my brain somewhere. When I played TRII for the first time, I only ever could get as far as the Opera House and I think I enjoy it so much because of how much I played it. I love everything about this level; the design, the puzzles, the enemies, the surprises. Every single little detail is thrown in here and there was just something about shooting bad guys through an abandoned opera house that really got to me. The final showdown in this level is quite possibly the most terrifying I ever had to do on a game as a little kid.

#1. Floating Islands

Tomb Raider II Floating Islands

This level is so underrated and for that, I’m partly choosing it as my favourite. When I played this level for the first time, I genuinely thought Lara had dropped a giant bag of acid between cutscenes. We had just gone through the Temple of Xian which was a reasonably normal setting and then we get thrown onto green islands in the middle of nowhere with floating soldiers after Lara left, right and centre. It shocked me to the core and for that, it gets recognition as my favourite level. It’s such a creepy level and is the perfect setup for the final boss.

What are your favourite Tomb Raider II levels?


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