The Cold Sore Saviour With Sorefix

I’m not usually one to get a cold sore very often however I’ve been dealing with an absolute monster one for the past month or so. It began to go away with treatment but then it exploded all over my lips and it was a living nightmare. Having tried many different products and home remedies to get rid of it, I was losing hope of being able to have a nice upper lip again.

SoreFix Lip Baml for Cold Sores

Then, I was in Bristol at the beginning of the month and I’d forgotten to bring my usual cold sore cream with me. After a quick browse in Superdrug*, I found Sorefix*; a product I’d never heard of before. It was £7.49 for a tiny little tub, but it was in the form of a lip balm which I’d not seen before. I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go.

I applied SoreFix religiously during the days that followed hoping that it would help some of the pain I was experiencing. What I liked about this product in particular was the aspect of having a cold sore product as a lip balm; the idea made so much sense to me and it was very easy to apply. It also has a nice smell – almost a bit like vanilla.

Lip Balm For Cold Sores

About two days into my application of SoreFix something magical happened. I woke up to find that my very painful cold sore – was beginning to disappear! And I found that it was clearing up a lot quicker than the remedies that I was using previously. I couldn’t believe it; I could finally move my lips and not be in pain! I still have the cold sore at the moment but with regular use of SoreFix it is finally beginning to heal up and disappear completely.

Although the price put me off initially, I cannot recommend SoreFix enough. With regular use, they’re gone straight away and this will no doubt be the only product I use to get rid of those pesky cold sores.

Have you tried the SoreFix lip balm?


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