An Overdue Dermatillomania Update

It’s been quite a while since I last did a Skin Deep post, or an update on my dermatilomania for that matter. The reasoning for this is quite simple; I just haven’t had the time. Every single time I meant to write a post, other things come up and it was just something that I never got around to. And overtime, my picking has slowly gotten quite bad so I’d feel like a failure if I showed you all my scars. But progress is important and I have to remind myself of how far I’ve come. That’s the whole reason this series started in the first place…right?

My last Skin Deep post was back in May. MAY. I HAVEN’T UPDATED IN SIX MONTHS. So, let’s chat.

Derma Recovery - Left Thumb

Derma Recovery - Right Hand

I’m currently referring to my last progress photos for this update and I’ve realised just how much my hands have changed. In both good and bad ways. My right thumb has been a never ending picking cycle. It’s now gotten to the point where the skin has hardened and it feels really gross. And to top it all off, blood spots are the ultimate bane of my existence right now. However, I only seem to focus on picking them instead of other areas of my fingers. I go at them to get rid of them and if they happen to bleed, I try and get a plaster on them as quick as possible in the hopes that when it heals over, I won’t have another blood spot. 9 times out of 10, this is usually what happens, but with my thumb, it’s a never ending cycle of them.

Unfortunately, it’s not just my one thumb that’s been dealing with blood spots; a number of my fingers have got them right now. But I’m working on using my Lush Hand Scrub and keeping them as clean as possible to fight the urge.

Derma Recovery - Right Thumb

Derma Recovery - Right Hand

You may also notice that my left pinky finger’s nail (and the right one) are significantly shorter than the rest. This is because (surprise, surprise!) I had a picking session and I ripped off a huge chunk of the nails. I unfortunately can’t find the photos of when it happened, but my nails practically became non-existent and it was so painful. It’s the most pain I’ve ever been in with a picking session. It also doesn’t help that the skin around it was picked at too and that had to heal, leaving blood spots galore and a plaster permanently fixated onto my pinky fingers for about a month. Thankfully, it’s almost grown back to its normal length, although I am still having problems with my skin healing.

There is some positivity in this post with regards to my distorted nail growth on my right finger. Since the last post, I’m so pleased to report that my nail has completely grown back and now looks like a normal finger! You can see some distortion still if you look really closely, but how I feel much more confident about it.

Before and After Shaping False Nails from Elegant Touch

And finally, the last thing I want to mention is an amazing product I found a few months ago. You may have seen my review on the Elegant Touch Express Nails on my blog and I cannot rave enough about them. Because of their nature, you can peel them off when you’re done with them, meaning that they’re a lot safer to use than using glue on nails. Thanks to this product, I can finally have beautiful nails and feel confident about them again. I haven’t worn them in a while (I try to use them for special occasions only), but they’re brilliant. I love them so much.

Derma Recovery - Chin

As for my face, everything was going well but then I got attacked by some spots and a very nasty cold sore on my lip. The spots I have currently are on my chin (of course), on the side and I now have one right in the middle above my lip. It looks like I’ve got a medusa piercing going on but it’s just a spot ready to burst at any moment. As for my cold sore, what started as something manageable turned into my entire top lip becoming flaky, cracked and incredibly sore. After failing to get it to go down with standard cold sore cream, I’m currently taking some flucloxacillin to see if it will go down that way. I’m close to running out though so may have to see my doctor to get some more.

And finally, onto my back. Again, my back’s acne has greatly reduced and I’ve had no problems. As I’m using my Tea Tree Back Spray* from Boots* regularly, I very rarely get spots there now. And when I do, they’re practically gone within a matter of days.

So…that’s been the very long and very rambly update on my Dermatillomania! I’m going to try my best and get back into a monthly schedule of progress photos, especially since the 2 year anniversary of the series will be coming up at the end of the year and I want to make sure I have photos to look back on. Even though I’m still battling on, I’m so proud of myself and how much I’ve progressed.


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