Jeffree Star Platinum Ice Highlighter Palette Review

Another day, another Jeffree Star blog post and this time it’s featuring the Platinum Ice Highlighter Palette. When this was first announced, I screamed. I absolutely adore the Skin Frost highlighters and to have them all in a palette is a dream come true. There have been two palettes released which is this one and the 24 Karat Palette. I knew from the get go that I would get my hands on this palette as I much prefer cool based highlighters with my skintone. I purchased this palette from Beauty Bay*.

Box of Jeffree Star Platinum Ice Palette

The box that this palette comes in is flippin gorgeous and I strongly considered keeping it since it was so pretty. It’s quite hard to see in the photos because of my lights, but it’s very holographic and reflective which is a running theme with this palette.

Packaging of Jeffree Star Pro HD Highlighter Palette

The actual palette itself is beautifully designed and surprisingly bigger than I expected. It looks like metal and it’s easily one of my favourite designs that the Jeffree Star Cosmetics team have come up with for a product.

Close up of highlighter palette by Jeffree Star

There are six shades in this palette altogether; Ice Cold (Which I already own as a highlighter), Glacier, Lavender Snow, Alien Ice, Pink Chill & Canary Bling. The shades in this palette are very similar to the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette that I already own, and I’m glad for that since the green shade in that one is broken, and there’s a green one here! They look so beautiful here and there’s a wide range of shades for whatever look you plan.

Swatches of Jeffree Star Plainum Frost Highlighter Palette

Here are the swatches of each shade and as you can see, they are very pigmented, very holographic and very glittery; everything I look for in a highlighter! I love how this was done with one swipe in the pan and having these shades in an easily accessible palette is great for when I’m out and about. For the time being, I will be using my Kat Von D palette until that runs out but then I will be moving onto this one and this palette also gives me a chance to trial out some of the other Jeffree Star highlighters (Lavender Snow and Glacier) if I ever considered buying the full size version. I’m glad that I have this palette and it’s going to make highlighting my face so much fun.

Have you tried any of the Jeffree Star highlighter palettes yet?


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