An IKEA Wishlist

IKEA Wishlist

It’s no secret to anyone that Ikea is the ultimate place to go for furniture shopping and by far my favourite place. The majority of my house’s furniture is from Ikea; it’s practical, stylish and really good value for money. Even the whole ritual of going to Ikea is sacred and practically a family day out with my parents. Since me, Morgan, Patch and Bonnie moved into our little humble abode, we’ve been chatting about moving things around and updating a few bits of furniture that came from my room which are slightly worn and not as practical as they once were. So, here’s an Ikea wishlist of things I’m lusting over at the moment.

MALM Chest of 6 Drawers

We’ve been thinking about updating our storage space in the bedroom for a while now; my clothes are slowly starting to overtake the room and there’s not enough space for everything. We got a smaller Malm chest which has my underwear and socks in, alongside a Malm chest with three drawers but a six drawer would provide us with plenty of space. I can imaging housing the majority of our clothes in it which would free up more space with our three draw and two draw chest. I’m a little bit worried that this wouldn’t fit in our room but I think we can make it work!

BILLY Bookcase

Again, we already have a Billy bookcase in our living room where all my mangas, graphic novels and dvd’s are. And this is also a favourite with my parents too. But when I saw this bookcase design, I think I almost squealed. It’s absolutely massive and it’s a corner shelving unit which means it can fit nicely in a corner. I absolutely love this design and I’m already daydreaming about what we’d put in it. Although this would fit absolutely nowhere in our house at the moment, I’ll definitely be keeping this style in mind for if we decide to move in the future.


I already have quite a big jar like this which I bought from Wilko when we first moved in and it currently houses all of our spare pennies. However, I’d like one that’s a bit smaller for a different purpose…storing overnight oats! When I was doing Slimming World, I discovered the magical breakfast that is overnight oats, made with oats, milk and yoghurt. It is absolutely delicious and I enjoy having it so much, but I want to be able to take it to work with me so I can chow down in the mornings after a good gym session. Storing them in this jar is an idea lots of people have and a little one like this would be so ideal.


In our bedroom, there is currently a big old wall space with nothing on it, save for a print of Usagi Tsukino I made when we first moved in. I’ve been really wanting to put some artwork up there, in fact, I’d love to decorate the house with plenty of nice pieces and this leaf one is beautiful. It matches one of the pieces of bedding I currently have from Dunelm Mill and although it’s pretty basic, I just love the simplicity of it. Unfortunately, it probably wouldn’t go with the room currently since the walls are a cream colour and it would look better on something white. Maybe for if/when we paint the rooms (which we are planning to do soon!)

HEMMES Shoe Bench

As I write this post, there are six pairs of shoes by the front door. Lots of them have dirt on, especially Morgan’s wellies that he uses on very muddy dog walks. We already have a shoe bench in our walk in wardrobe and I like the idea of possibly getting one for downstairs too. I’d have to double check the measurements on this since I’m not sure if it would block the door off to much, but if it its, it would be great to have a nice looking shoe bench there, and it gives us more roon for more of our shoes to put there too!

What are you lusting from Ikea at the moment?



  1. 6th January 2018 / 8:26 pm

    I would also have some of these on my IKEA wish list. great post

    • 6th January 2018 / 8:44 pm

      Thank you! I could very easily spend all of my money in there! xxxx

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