Dermatillomania | 2 Years On

It’s now been two whole years since I started my Dermatillomania series on my blog. Although I haven’t been as active on that front recently due to a whole host of things, I want to get back into documenting my progress in 2018. When I made the 2016 comparison post, I was so so proud of myself to see progress in the right direction and I’ve been just as eager to see how things have gone since then. So, without further ado, here’s the comparison photos!

3 Year Comparison - Chin

I thought I’d start off with my chin first because…wow. When I edited the photos together for the comparison, I was so shocked to see how much my skin has cleared up in two years. No more pus spots, red marks, acne scars and skin that is finally clearer than it has been in the longest time. I put this down to getting a really good skincare routine and learning about the way my skin works. I’ve realised that I’ve got a pretty hefty dose of combination skin; oily on the t-zone every morning, dry and a little bit of acne from time to time. I now know how to treat my skin when it flares up and I’m much more confident in going out with no makeup on. Hooray for clear skin!

3 Year Comparison - Right Thumb 3 Year Comparison - Right Hand 3 Year Comparison - Left Thumb 3 Year Comparison - Left Hand

Now as for my fingers, it’s been a bumpy road to say the least. I managed to wear false nails for the first time ever last year thanks to the skin around my fingers clearing up so well. I want to wear them again so badly but unfortunately, I just can’t stay away from the temptation to pick. Although my fingers are in a much better position than they were two years ago, they’re still getting chewed at. I’ve also experienced more nail deformation on three of my fingers as opposed to just the one. It’s so frustrating that I can’t just leave them alone but the way they grow back makes it so tempting to pick at them. I’m hoping to put as many plasters on them and to keep my hands as clean as possible so they can grow back quicker. Then I can wear some false nails again and it can deter me from picking.

3 Year Comparison - Back

Unfortunately, my back has hit a bit of a rough patch. For the last few months of 2017, everything had been fine in terms of back-ne. But since December, I’ve been getting lots more spots on my back than usual, and on my shoulders as well. I almost mistook them for bites but after feeling around they were definitely spots. Some of them were tiny while others were filled with pus and extremely painful to touch. I definitely picked a few of them for sure. For the most part my Tea Tree Back Spray* from Boots had been doing the job but for some reason, there’s been a crazy amount of spots that are just out of control, so my Mask of Magnaminty face & body mask will definitely come into handy for getting the spots away. I am running low on the stuff though so I’ll have to wait until I can get some next. If it works wonders for my chin, surely it can fight all the nasties on my back.

So overall, I’m very pleased with my dermatilomania progress for this year. My chin has cleared up loads and I’m still struggling with my fingers and thumbs, but they’re definitely in a much better position than they were in 2015. I’m going to try my best to upload a Skin Deep post at least once a month so I can keep a track of how I’m doing. The comparison from the previous post will be up next week so stay tuned!


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