Skin Deep: New Year, Same Fingers

With it now being 2018 and I’m still stuck with crummy fingers, I figured that it’s the perfect time to get back onto writing my Skin Deep series. I wasn’t able to write for a couple of months because life got in the way, but I’m going to make sure I dedicate enough time now to write a post at least once a month. I recently did a 2 year comparison post so make sure you read that before this one.

So, let’s compare how I’ve been doing since November last year.

Spoiler alert…not very well.

Derma Comparison - Chin

We’ll start with my chin first since that’s the only positive here to note. My acne has been very calm since November and I know the exact reason why; I came off the pill and had the coil put in. Being on the pill definitely did mess with my face acne a lot so it’s a lovely surprise to see it calm down (even though this is the best my skin has looked in years). And thanks to the app Clue, I now know exactly when I’ll be getting a bad breakout next so I can prepare accordingly. Out come all my skincare saviours ready to fight whatever spots I have. Which have been pretty tame; none of them get really painful anymore thank goodness.

The rest of my body however, is the complete opposite.

Back Acne

Photos of spot between breasts

So my back acne has made a very triumphant return since I came off the pill, but oh no it’s not just the back this time. Every single part of my body has been hit with acne. There have been spots between my boobs, on my shoulders, arms, chest, literally any place that has skin which isn’t on my face, there’s been a lovely spot saying hello. I have no idea how this is possible and my trusty Tea Tree Back Spray from Boots can’t seem to fight them all. And they’re all very painful too, which sucks. It’s made me incredibly self-conscious but I’m trying not to let it get to me so much since I can cover them up with clothing. Next time I’m in Cardiff, I’m going to ask the Lush team for a huge pot of Mask of Magnaminty and bathe in it. That feels like the only way my skin will calm down.

Derma Comparison - Right Thumb

Derma Comparison - Right Hand

Derma Comparison - Left Thumb

Derma Comparison - Left Hand

Distorted fingernail

Now moving onto my fingers, they’re still pretty bad. I’ve been dealing with a lot of nail distortion on several of my fingers, which is incredibly frustrating. I think my nails are so weak, they’re easier to pick at and distort so I’ll be on the lookout for some nail strengthening stuff when I get paid this month. If you guys have any to recommend me, please let me know! Apart from that, the distorted nails I’ve been dealing with (my pinky fingers in particular) have begun to grow back normally so if I leave them for a couple of weeks they should be back to normal. Despite this, my actual skin has been pretty tame; I’ve had quite a few blood spots I’ve gone to town on, but as I’m typing this post, it’s only been on one finger which is in a plaster. I need to work on using my Salted Coconut hand Scrub from Lush a lot more because me severely neglecting it has probably played a big part in why my hands have been bad.

It’s not all doom and gloom though; I’m hoping that if I keep the urges to pick at bay, I can chuck on some of my Elegant Touch Express nails when they’ve healed enough; I’ve still got a few left to choose from but I can feel the coral nails calling my name.


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