Hydrated Skin With Luvenesco Hydrating Cream

DISCLAIMER: This cream was sent to be by Luvenesco for review purposes; please see my Disclaimer & PR page for more information.

Finding a good moisturiser for my skin has been a difficult journey for me. As I suffer with very difficult combination skin, it’s quite a challenge to find something that can keep my skin hydrated, not make it oily and (somehow) keep acne at bay. I’ve tried many different moisturisers around on the high street; some of them rather cheap and others on the higher end of the scale. While I’ve come across a select few that really work with my skin, it’s been a while since I’ve been taken aback with a high end moisturiser.

Luxury Moisturiser by Luvenesco

This is where the Luvenesco Hydrating Cream* comes in. I was very kindly contacted by Luvenesco and asked if I’d like to try out their product which has a whole host of amazing benefits; softer, firmer skin, skin that’s more hydrated, the reduction of wrinkles and lines, the list really does go on. And they don’t test on animals; a big massive green tick in my book! Although I’m not at the age where wrinkles are beginning to appear, the fact that it could promise lots of other benefits for my skin was what really grabbed my attention.

As I’m sat down typing this post it’s been about three weeks since I introduced this into my skincare routine; I currently use it before I go to bed and if I need to, during the day. For a luxury cream that promises to hydrate to the max I was quite surprised to find how lightweight it actually is. For my skin, having such a heavy cream can do more harm than good and I was sceptical about this being just another heavy cream; I mean there’s a whole host of ingredients saying hello to my face with include retinol, almond oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Jojoba oil and many others. But once it’s on, my skin drinks it right up and it absorbs remarkably quickly into my skin. Not only that, it has a lovely fragrance to it which makes the experience of using it just that little bit nicer.

Luvenesco Moisturiser Cruelty Free

As the hydrating cream retails currently at £16.95, this is definitely sitting in one of the high end products I’ve used. But I do firmly believe that investing in your skincare routine is absolutely crucial, it’s the only skin you’re going to have after all. Even after using this product for over three weeks, I’ve barely made a dent in the cream and this will definitely be a good investment since I can see this lasting a very long time.

If you’re willing to spend a little bit of cash on a luxury moisturiser, I’d definitely go with this one. It’s everything I could possibly need in a moisturiser and manages to tackle all of my skin problems at once. It’s safe to say that my skin has never felt so hydrated.

Have you tried the Luvenesco luxury cream?


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