My Top 5 Levels In Tomb Raider I

I feel like I should have started this series on my blog with Tomb Raider I, but I digress. Following on from my Tomb Raider II post, I want to talk more about my nerdy interests on here, so going through all of the games in the Tomb Raider franchise and discussing which are my favourite levels is a great idea for me! I really enjoyed playing Tomb Raider I and it was quite a challenge to play the game. If you want to watch my playthrough, click here!

#5. Tomb of Qualopec

This level is one of the shorter ones and from what I remember, it was very fun to play. The puzzles in this are very challenging and with the added aspect of raptors jumping out at you every couple of minutes hyped up the tension for me. I also absolutely love how this level ends with Lara’s conversation with Larson; it’s easily one of my favourite cutscenes from the game. I recently got an opportunity to be a co-commentator for this level for my wonderful friend Mark and it was really fun to revisit it!

#4. Sanctuary of the Scion

Being very curious about Egypt, I of course had to mention one of the featuring levels from it. I think this being one of my top 5 levels is partly down to the fact that it’s in Egypt and Egypt as a whole is a beautiful place. Most of this took place surrounded by a giant Sphynx and falling off lots of rock ledges. It was incredibly frustrating on the first playthrough but completing it gave me the most satisfying feeling. It also features one of the best secrets in the entire game, purely for how stupid and ridiculous it is; who doesn’t love floating guns?

#3. Colosseum

There is a small part of me that is fascinated by ancient architecture; it’s probably because of Tomb Raider why I’ve got this love and appreciation for it and this level certainly amplifies that. Like Sanctuary of the Scion, I’ve always been absolutely besotted with the colosseum due to its grand design and just how large the playing field is for just one level. This level felt like it took forever to complete, but in a very good way. The design, the puzzles, the lions, the gorillas, Pierre vanishing and reappearing every 5 minutes; every bit about this level tugs on my heartstrings for how beautifully crafted it is.

#2. The Lost Valley

If if wasn’t for the design of a certain level, this would have easily been number 1. Why?


Okay, that’s not the only reason, but it does help that the beloved T-Rex features! The Lost Valley was the only level I could ever get up to as a kid playing Tomb Raider I and I remember battling the wolves and the T-Rex several times trying to get all the cogs for the machine. This was a level that had a brilliantly clever puzzle that admittedly took me quite a while to figure out. It’s very clever in how it works as a level overall and I love that. Also, there’s a giant T-Rex I don’t think I mentioned that.

#1. Natla’s Mines

My love for this level is undying. Out of all the levels in Tomb Raider I, this was the one that really grabbed my attention. This is at the very beginning of the Atlantis levels and the sudden change of scenery and colour palette really took me by surprise. Everything went from washed out and ancient, to rocky and boldly coloured; I fell in love with the level’s design instantly. The whole level’s navigation is spectacular too and I loved that all of Natla’s goons got a feature in a little boss battle style.

What are your favourite levels in Tomb Raider I?


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