Skin Deep: Back-ne With A Vengance

You better appreciate my pun dammit.

My derma has gotten ridiculous over the past few weeks. And I’m rather fed up.

Derma - Right Thumb

Derma - Right Hand

On my fingers, it seems to be the same old story. Repetitive picking as some areas just aren’t healing up as fast as I would like. This is completely my fault since I promised I would start using my hand scrub regularly, but it’s just sat in my bathroom completely untouched. I’m going to move it to the sink and use it to replace out soap, so then it will be in my line of sight and that will hopefully force me to scrub my hands of all the excess skin.

Derma - Left Thumb

Derma - Left Hand

One of my fingers has taken a rather weepy turn in particular; this is something I’ve had to deal with several times and although it isn’t painful, it’s really annoying. In the past, I’ve had skin picking sessions where I’ve pulled some skin which was a bit too deep in the nail and as a result, it began to be a bit infected and would turn into a weeping crusty wound. I didn’t like how it looked when it healed over so I’d pick at it and then it would weep again. Lather, rinse, repeat. This is what’s going on right now with this finger and I’m so frustrated. Thankfully, it’s not as bad as other times since I use hand sanitiser religiously on my hands so proper infections have been kept at bay.

There’s also been the usual blood spots and redness in the skin that I’ve grown accustomed to deal with on my hands.

Derma - Back

Now as for my back, it’s the worst it’s ever been. I think this is down to the fact that when I was on the contraceptive pill, it kept my back acne at bay. Now I’ve changed to the coil, the acne has come back and is worse than ever. Every single time I go to itch my back I find a new scab and lump that’s painful to touch. And not even my trusted back spray is keeping them under control. The only option I have available is to go on medication for my acne but the last time I did that I had horrendous side effects from it so that’s a no go. I’m completely at a loss as how to fight this onslaught of acne so if anyone’s got any products that they’d recommend to help calm this acne down, please let me know!

Derma - Chin

On my face, it’s definitely near the time of the month as acne has appeared on here too. It’s not as bad as it used to be thankfully but the spots have been incredibly frustrating. I’ve found for videos that I’ve had to completely smother my chin in foundation and concealer  whereas before I could get away with no makeup at all. While I don’t mind wearing makeup I like to let my skin breathe once in a while and with a whole host of acne attacking my face I can’t really do that. Luckily, I’ve got lots and lots of face masks that will help get this acne off my chin.

Here’s hoping next month’s update will be much better and featuring less acne!


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