Celebrating Mother’s Day With Lush Cardiff

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I was excited to see an invite to the Lush Cardiff Mother’s Day Pamper Evening drop into my inbox a few weeks ago. I’ve had the opportunity to attend many Lush events so I was certainly excited to be back there again. The purpose of the night was for Lush to showcase the new range of products they’ve launched for Mother’s Day alongside the regular Spring and Valentine’s Day range. I got the opportunity to see the lovely Bethan at the event and we spent the evening browsing all the releases together.

Mother's Day Event at Lush Spa Cardiff

Mocktails and snacks at Lush Cardiff

On arrival, I was greeted with a lovely fizzy orange drink and some yummy vegan cupcakes which I happily nibbled on. We were both quickly whisked away by Molly who gave us the low down on the products that were available at Lush for each of the exclusive ranges.

Madame President Bath Bomb

Madame President Bath Bomb Demonstration

One of the very first bath bombs we were shown and by far my favourite one of the entire night was Madame President. This is a beautiful smelling bath bomb filled with grapefruit, petitgrain and cream of tartar which gives us a very distinctive scent I was drawn to. The idea of the product is brilliant and definitely works well with the Mother’s Day products. It also looks absolutely gorgeous in the water too!

Mum Look What I Made You Bath Bomb

Mum, Look What I Made You Bath Bomb in water

Another bath bomb from the Mother’s Day range was Mum, Look What I Made You; the idea for this being a small child that’s lovingly handmade something in school to take home to their mother. It’s an incredibly sweet premise for a bath bomb and definitely has the scent to match; coconut milk, sweet almond and chocolate extract made this almost good enough to eat! Not only that, it looked like a beautiful sunflower when it was in the water. I’m definitely kicking myself for not picking one of these up.

LUSH Cosmetics 3D Printed Hand Soaps

Strawberry Cheesecake Soap

Four new soaps have been launched by Lush as part of their four part floral collection and don’t they look gorgeous? Thanks to 3D printing technology, they’ve been able to create these intricate designs which allow the soaps to stand up on their own. We sampled them all but I knew as soon as I saw Rosebud (second from left) it had to come home with me. I really hope that Lush decide to expand on this range as the possibilities for soaps in this style are certainly endless. They also had a massive piece of soap that Bethan fell in love with – the Strawberry Milkshake which smelt absolutely scrummy.

Free Rangers Bath Bombs

Free Rangers Bath Bomb Demonstration

These three bath bombs are flipping adorable and have the most gorgeous scent. The Free Rangers have arrived at Lush to help brighten up your easter baths and they come in smelling of blackberry and bergamot; definitely a winning combination in my books. Out of the three we were shown I had to say that the blue one was my favourite, although he certainly doesn’t look very happy to be at the store…

Cream Egg Bubbleroons

Bubble Bar Cream Egg Demonstration

Lots of the bubble bars and bubbleroons were on display and there were plenty to have a look over. There were three Cream Egg bars which all smelt of delicious mint chocolate. They looked beautiful in the demonstration and gave off a lovely fresh scent that definitely made me feel more awake.

Lush Cosmetics Scrubs

The scrub range from Lush is one that I’m a firm favourite of; I already own the Salted Coconut Hand Scrub and have used the Scrubee Body Scrub & Butter which I adore. But a brand new product that manages to combine both of those products and smell good enough to eat is the Cherryish Body & Hand Scrub. I knew as soon as I smelt it and had a demo it had to come home with me; this contains ground cherry stones and pips, white chocolate extract, almond oil, coconut oil and it smells beautiful. Not only that, it gives a really good scrubbing feeling too; but Molly did warn me not to use it too harshly as some people have given themselves cuts with it as it’s that strong! I’m very excited to start using this as it will help my dermatillomania a ton.

Lush Spa Cardiff Interior

As always, we got to have a little peek at the spa; something I seriously need to book myself in for soon! We saw a demonstration of The Comforter? treatment and got an opportunity to have a small demo on our own arms when we were finished. My arms never felt so relaxed in all their life and I wondered whether I’d still be able to take photos…

Tailor Made and The Good Hour Treatments

As I was very interested in possibly booking myself in for a treatment at the end of the month, I got sat down and was shown two treatments that would allow me to get rid of lots of tension in my body; Tailor Made & The Good Hour. Both of these treatments are designed to unknot tension and use a lot of products that I enjoy using at home! I was able to have demonstrations of these both on my arms (my arms were incredibly pampered that evening) and I definitely found that Tailor Made was incredibly beneficial for me. Watch this space to see if I book myself in!

LUSH Gift Sets

After we were shown around, we got the chance to have a browse of the shop and pick up a few bits and bobs that we wanted (which I’ll be doing a haul on asap!). After that we said our goodbyes and I left the shop relaxed and smelling fabulous as I always do let’s be real. I had a wonderful time at the Lush event and there’s some amazing products for Mother’s Day and Easter that are definitely worth picking up and giving a go. I want to extend my thanks and gratitude to the team at Lush for continuing to let me come to your events and give me these wonderful opportunities! It’s very appreciated and I couldn’t be more excited to give the new range a proper go at home.

Have you tried any of the new products from the Mother’s Day range?



  1. 11th March 2018 / 3:37 pm

    Aw thanks for the little mention Holly! It was so lovely to see you again, I loved this event! xxx

    • 11th March 2018 / 3:43 pm

      Thank you Beth!!! It was lovely to see you too 😘 xxxx

  2. 12th March 2018 / 3:32 pm

    I love the Mother’s Day and Easter range from Lush. Madame President is amazing, and looks so good in the bath, and I love the smell of Cream Egg!

    • 20th March 2018 / 10:01 am

      It’s all so good this year! I can’t wait to use Madame President in my next bath <3 xxxx

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