My 24th Birthday Wishlist


My 24th Birthday Wishlist

It’s that time again…my 24th birthday is approaching at the end of the month! So of course I had to do a little wishlist of what I’d love to get. Honestly, I think wishlists are one of my favourite types of posts to do, especially when it’s my birthday. It’s mad to think I’ve simply blinked and it’s already March! So, let’s crack on with what I’d love to receive this year.

PixaPro Mini Softbox Light*

For my YouTube videos, I’ve been changing up where and how I film things as I was stuck in a little bit of a slump at the beginning of this year. Now that my bedroom has been redecorated and I’ve finally got a good space to film in, it can be quite difficult sometimes to lug my two huge softbox lights into different places if required. On a whim, I searched for a travel softbox light I could use and came across this one, which would be perfect. It means I can just pop it on top of my camera and away I go! It’ll be super useful when I’m filming in a different location.

Redbubble Akira Tetsuo Shima Canvas Print*

It’s no secret how much I love Akira; it’s a cult classic and I can’t get enough of it so much so that it was a big inspiration for my debut novel. I’m also almost always on the lookout for house things and when I saw this canvas print of Tetsuo in all his glory on Redbubble it was something I’d absolutely knew I’d have to have somewhere. I think this would go nicely in my study when it’s redecorated how I want it to look and not only that, I’d be supporting an independent artist too! It’s a win-win for everyone.

Spectrum Collections Zodiac Fire Brush Set

Since I was lucky enough to attend an event with the Spectrum sisters themselves a year ago, I’ve been a solid fan of their products ever since. I’ve only got a small set of brushes from them which I use almost every time I apply makeup as they’re so soft and look beautiful. So combining my love of makeup for my absolute obsession with the Zodiac is a match made in heaven! These brushes are simply gorgeous and you bet your butt that I absolutely need the fire set; Aries girl all the way!

Turin Brakes – Invisible Storm*

My love for Turin Brakes is ever lasting and when I saw they’d released a new album I knew I had to have it. As I’m writing this post, I’ve got the guys playing on the radio at the moment as their music is just incredible. I’ve heard a few of the tracks from the album and they are brilliant tunes to dance to. Turin Brakes are one of the very few bands that manages to make me love every single album they’ve released; and I cannot wait to become obsessed with Invisible Storm. And I’m going to see them in concert again this month too! Woohoo!!!

NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Jet Set*

NYX Cosmetics are a brand that are a recent addition to my collection and I’ve loved every single product I’ve tried. I’ve tried their liquid lipsticks and been throroughly impressed with then and would love to add one to my collection; in particular the shade Jet Set. I used to have the Blue Velvet liquid lipstick from Jeffree Star Cosmetics but somehow managed to lose it in my sister’s old flat. Despite her moving out of the house it’s never turned up and this NYX lipstick is a fraction of the price and one that’s easier to get my hands on.

LUSH Cosmetics Dirty Body Spray

This is the second time I’ve featured this product on a wishlist of mine (the first time being here!) and most of you know it’s one of my top 5 products from Lush. This spray is absolutely beautiful and I wish I could just have an endless supply of it as it’s that good. It’s one of the most popular sprays that they offer and it’s not very difficult to see why; it blends sandalwood, peppermint and lavender to give a gorgeous fresh scent. It’s so popular that even one of my work colleagues could instantly tell I was wearing it! I’ve already done a full review of the spray on my blog if you want to read it here!


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